Saturday, March 24, 2018

Poem: Trust - Hello Cousin Lloyd, Pea Soup, Asparagus Mushroom Quiche

Was biking and listening to the radio instead of reading. Realized now was the time to write a poem about Facebook.


I trust the tall trees across the street
snow nibbling into their armpits and crotches

I trust the lights in neighbors' windows
in the evening

I trust my solar lights framing the sidewalk
to cast shadows and lead me out of the wilderness

I trust Bob's white picket fence in the back yard
where his poodles go to relax and to bark

I trust Johnny Meister and The Blues Show
honoring Denise LaSalle and her 24-hour woman
who doesn't want no part-time man

I trust the warmth of my polka-dot PJs, black socks
and layers of comforters to keep me warm

No trust for Facebook who done me and you and
all God's chillen wrong.

Where's your shame? Your red cheeks? Whatcha
gonna tell your high-class children? Cheat,
lie, money's all that matters?

Don't be that way. We're mad at you but we
ain't gonna quit ya.

MARK ZUCKERBERG said it was "A breech of trust." Read more here.

Zuckerberg on data debacle: 'It was a breach of trust'  He's with a woman who basically had her entire life story stolen from her.


 He's chewing Ellen's Cinnamon Covered Pecans or walnuts. What a head of hair he has. A psychologist who studied at McGill University in Montreal, we always learn new things when he comes to town.

Mom is all ears, except when she falls asleep. She had a busy day making her famous pea soup - we used to put cut-up "wienies" in it -and Ellen, our gracious host, made an asparagus-mushroom quiche. I ate a quarter of the pie.

Quiche eaten with huge soup spoon.

Wonder how the Auchincloss Family would like Mom's place settings. Am continuing apace in the book.


Good turnout at our Writers' Group.

I love visiting houses where I've never been before. After a very narrow entrance, I followed the voices into the living room. There they were! What a glorious sight! I love these people.

Donna presented another truthful poem about prejudice against those with mental illness.

Her brother Bob wrote about a walk on the beach.

Rem read Episode 48 of Randy Package. Great reader with different voices doing his clever dialog. He is thinking of retiring in Las Vegas. His late wife Valerie simply loved driving back and forth above the city, looking down on all the lights.

Linda wrote another brilliant fantasy/sci fi piece. Very raunchy. And funny. She's gotta submit it. Twisted Sister will take it, suggested Rem.

Linda was wearing a boot over her sprained ankle. She keeps it on all night. I wore one a couple yrs ago.

Ken, our host, wrote a true story about choosing to die b/c of an intolerable situation. The man in question had been a 17-yo football player who became a quad when his spine was broken after a play on the field.

He waited maybe 28 yrs before choosing death, sustaining himself with fantasies of being with various gorgeous girls he knew. Stormy Daniels, Trump's playmate, was not among them.

We met in the living room at the Ivins' house, a room rarely used. It had two skylights above that came with the house.

His dog Buddy made herself at home next to me, as I was sitting on the carpeted floor.

I wrote a true story called TRAV about what it's like living in the Travis Family House. Mom remembered their name.

Made a good start on the piece but have lots more to do. Par example, when I declined buying their living room couch, I learned later that they tossed it in the little woods behind our house.


Called neighbor Nancy M across the street this morning to ask her about the Travis Family.

In fact, she wrote me just now telling me she got tears in her eyes when she read my true story Tucker and The Holocaust Survivor.

Made me feel great!

Back to Lloyd. His Parkinson's is slow-growing. I asked. He's constantly getting new clients as he's listed as taking several insurances. People find him due to location and insurance, just like here.

He has a new bipolar patient who is very challenging.

He also runs a Dream Group. One person talks about a dream they had and others respond as if it were their dream.

He has a client with ADHD. He wrote down what he does for them and I sent it to someone in New Directions.

Lloyd has him hooked up to a neurofeedback machine with fast frequency 25-50 herz  EEG, gamma activity.

Thinking about you, Capitano, I ended up saying, unless you're a General by now.

STOP EATING THOSE GODDAMN PRETZELS! At first I dipped em in Philadelphia cream cheese and chives n onions. Mary Ann taught me to eat protein with my carbs.

Mom will mail this to Aunt Selma in South Euclid, OHIO for her 100th birthday. She made it from material we had at the Now and Then Shop.

I brought a supply of the 2018 Compass for when the mishpucha come to visit.

Ellen was our excellent hostess.

She drank coffee before bed and was up until four in the morning.

Lloyd told us about his coffee drinking. He sits in his chair and has half a cup of coffee. Then he meditates, attaining certain higher states. He wants to remain in the present moment for as long as possible.

  Buddha used to reside at LeRoy's Flower Shop in Hatboro, PA, until someone finally purchased him/her.

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