Monday, March 26, 2018

Driving at Night - To Catch a Thief - Bird houses are up in my front yard

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Driving at night is not my favorite thing to do, but I did drive to Giant b/c I needed ingredients to make soup with. Onions mainly. The salad bar was closing so I couldn't spoon out peppers of all colors and celery.

My sugar had been terribly low, so I bought more Glucose Tabs - Hannah and Donna warmly welcomed me and said they lost a lotta clients to CVS, due to insurance reasons.

How are they treating you? asked Hannah.

Great! I never leave the car. Drive-thru.

Still, the traffic pattern once you pull into the CVS is dangerous. I go slow as a cat.

Helen was still open at the Chinese kiosk, so for $8 I ordered chicken and green beans. A really sickening article appeared in the Times - kind of muckraking article and why not? - about adding antibiotics to chickens.

Could not find the link but it contributes to the growing obesity of Americans. Each year we get fatter and fatter.

I don't. I stay the same. I do try to lose weight but never do.

Image result for chinese food     Took the Chinese food to the Food Court, now the Starbucks Court, and began eating.

Since the court was closed, there were no napkins available so I went into the bathroom and got a long tail of toilet paper. Apparently, to save money, they only use hand dryers, not towels.

The food was very spicy - never knew dat - so to cool off I dug into my plastic container of salad ingredients - honeydew and strawberries and cole slaw.

And then I saw the drama.

A young attractive blonde had been spotted by a Starbucks employee stealing a bunch of stuff. Truthfully, if I could have, I would have moved.

Very unpleasant.

Fortunately I couldn't hear the dialogue up at the beer/wine checkout, and everything was soto voce, no arguments.

At the end the woman left and said Thank you.

Apparently she'd been there the day before and also stole things. No one confronted her. The guy did an imitation of her walking - her arms were held straight out since they were filled with bottles of beer.

The thank-you was for not calling the cops. Yesterday they arrested two shoplifters and did call the cops.

When I was in grad school for psychology, my teacher Joyce Keene told us that there are many reasons why people shoplift. 

Hold on. Lemme see what's on TV.

A show on metaphysics... dying.


Sure, I sleep in it
It's cold up here in the
Philadelphia winters

When I took it off
this morning
how surprised I was
to find

A tiny bird's nest
with two blue eggs
ready to hatch

I heard them crack
even though a Pella Window
truck was backing in
across the street

The dark-eyed juncos
flitted across the living room
Before they could poop
I ran downstairs,
grabbed my newly painted birdhouse
and popped them inside.

Outside they are.
Hope they're happy
and prosper, and like
their window as much
as my neighbors like
their Pella's.


Was leaving for my volunteer job at the adult daycare center so I had to tiptoe my car around the Pella Iowa people.

That's it for now. Mailed my friend Marcy three copies of the Compass. She lives in California. Eight bucks.

Figured out how to resolve a difference I had with a good friend who used to write The Pursue the Wonderful Column for the Compass.

Will send her a copy. Thank you Jesus for helping me to think of that. Yes, I'm still reading CONCLAVE about the choosing of a new Pope.

Dramatis Extensius... or, tremendously dramatic things happened today as I read before my nap.

Went to Scott's to watch the news, hoping to avoid the Stormy Daniels incident, but I came right in the middle.

When she and Trump were walking together they looked like a loving couple, I swear to God.

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Off to watch the metaphysics show.

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