Friday, March 16, 2018

Cuppa Java Sure Tastes Good - Portion Control on Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti and Sauce with no added sugar, yes I read the labels. Sprinked with Parm Cheese for protein.


Celebrating the completion
of a long project, The Compass
Magazine, I drove to McDonald's
to get a cuppa java.

Michael, an Asian, waited
on me. He showed me all
the sizes and I elected

74 cents he said.
Whew, I thought, I can
actually afford that.
Poured out the change
onto the counter, while
smelling cheeseburgers - why not?
and the aroma of French fries.

I like everything about
McDonald's coffee, made with
Arabica beans, it says on
the cup.

Nothing's wasted. Info's
on the cup. One thing wrong,
of course. Nothing is perfect.

Couldn't figure out how to
drink it in the car, poking
my fingers into this slot
or that.

Imagining spilling the
Caution Hot Contents
All over my coat

Sure tastes good, though,
sitting by the window
at home and staring out
at the cold March day.

Image result for muir spaghetti sauce 

The Compass should be out next week.

I've been waiting so long, I suppose I can wait a little longer.

Checked this outa the library. If I lose it, I owe the library $50 plus. Once I lost a book by Wallace Stegner, paid the price, and found the book a week later. Too late for a refund. That sounds like a good country tune.

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