Sunday, June 20, 2021

Tania Leon, 78, Cuban American Woman Wins Pulitzer for her Stride Sounding Music


Click above to hear the rhythmic piece. 

It is GREAT !!!

Interview below. 

Tania Leon, 78, won the prize.

Tania León, the 78-year-old Cuban-born composer, won the Pulitzer Prize in Music on Friday for her orchestral work Stride. The Pulitzer jury described the 15-minute piece as a "musical journey full of surprise, with powerful brass and rhythmic motifs that incorporate Black music traditions from the U.S. and the Caribbean into a Western orchestral fabric." The two other finalists were Place, by Ted Hearne and Data Lords by Maria Schneider, both recordings.

Stride received its world premiere by the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center Feb. 13, 2020. The music was born out of Project 19, an ambitious commissioning program where 19 women composers were chosen to write music to mark the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. León's inspiration was Susan B. Anthony, the women's rights activist and a prominent leader in the suffrage movement.

Reached by telephone Friday afternoon at her home in Nyack, N.Y., León said she was the first musician in her poor Havana family. Her success was a dream of her mother and, especially, her grandmother, who suspected that she was interested in music. "They created a dream and I grabbed the dream and went into the world, and here I am," León said.

Dinner at the Rorer Home, Yesterday

 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. I just called Dan and said that. I'm very proud of you, I said. 

After watching film noir - Scott slept thru most of it - I was anxious to go to STAPLES to return wrong cartridges.

I drove. I've gotta keep up my driving skills tho Scott went inside. 

We had ordered the WRONG CARTRIDGE.

64 is the kind I need for my HP ENVY PHOTO PRINTER.

We were in luck. FRIENDLY DAVE was on duty and gave us ALL our money back.

Photo at end of blog.

Is this a blog? Or is it an unending story. Or a smorgasbord.

I need to sign a form from BLOOD AND THUNDER authorizing that I wrote the true story ME AND PATTY DUKE. 

While waiting for Scott to emerge from Staples, I walked back and forth, back and forth. Yes, it was hot but not as hot as now!

I looked at my hair in the meer.

What I do is add water to my hair.

It looks MARCELLED. 

What a riot! I actually laffed.


The problem with eating at the Rorers - Danny and wife Debbie, Bubby Sherman, Maxine, is that you wait forever for dinner to be served.

No h'ors d'oevres. 


Filet minyon, tender, with roasted onion and red pepper topping, gravy from Maxine, with a big ladel we were forced to use.

Deviled eggs that Dan's late demented mother used to make. We discussed dementia. Couldn't figure out why she got it. Same with Scott's father who suffered for a couple of weeks.

They call him Pop.

The potato salad was good. Purposely not too much mayo was used. How disappointing!

Maxine made a delicious salad with spinach leaves, pecans, and strawberries.

I had cold water to drink.

For dessert we had a delicious cake. I had two pieces.

Very colorful. 

I just capitulated and had one piece of DOVE CHOCOLATE. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Freda Samuels is dead

 Just called BERNIE SAMUELS. 

Freda is dead.

Gravesite services last Friday - June 11 - at King David, where Freda's daughter Sharon is buried.

21 or 22 people attended.

Freda had a series of UTIs. Every time she came home from the hospital, she was worse.

May she rest in peace.

They pamper me. "We love you, Ruthie, come any time," says Freda.

 Bernie is a master chef.

He picked up this corned beef at Rednor's. We don't have one around here.

 I ate my corned beef with spicy mustard. Bernie also made roasted taters, which I had to decline b/c they're high in carbs.

Now, at 1:35 on Thursday, I am taking this all in. 

So glad we met. She wrote her memoirs which I will always cherish.


Just drove to Hatboro to pick up 500 biz cards from Bux-Mont Stationers.

$45. Not bad and of course Mark Amos does a great job.

I wove in and out of various streets to find his place on South York Road, or was it North. I stopped in at a hardware store and the walrus mustached nice man told me where it was.

Cannot wait to use my first card. 

When I got in my car to drive to the Hat everything I touched was fiery hot. Opening all the windows made it a lot cooler.


Supporting People & Families with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety 

Ruth Z. Deming, MGPGP Founder/Director 215-659-2142 Providing mental health support since 1983

Whew - what a hot day this is! - Poem: A Hot Day Around Here

 Photo of the day from Billy Penn - Philadelphia

I am sipping on my Folger's Decaf my sister Lynn brought me on Visiting Day - where at the penitentiary? - a couple days ago.

Jane Brody phody. 

Am eating my still hot rice and mushrooms and garlic MUSH, which is downright good.

The NY Times Jane E Brody has now declared COFFEE a health food.

Am gonna sit on Scott's park bench and bring a coupla books out with me.

Will wear my sleeveless Picasso shirt as I call it.


The sounds of summer reverberate

Dogs peeking from doorways barking

The unquenchable sun spraying the entire world

And, as far as we know, only one bird, one dog, one spool of cotton thread, one space shuttle

One moon, hit out of the baseball park, and still spinning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Poem: Walking Through Fireflies

 After the PBS Evening News Hour where Biden and Putin met and staked out their territory

Scott and I drove to Hatboro. My old home town. Village Green which exploded after I moved out. In his driveway, I said, Scott, let's just sit here a few minutes and talk.

He opened up his door to let cool air in.

The fireflies were straight ahead.

One two four five nine.

What is their purpose in life, I mused.

What is OUR purpose in life, said Scott. "To ruin the planet?"

Tumbling out of the car, we saw two girls and their large dogs lolling on the sidewalk.

We all began to gab,

I love dogs, I said, I just wouldn't want to own one. Does that make sense?

They understood.

And Scott talked about the many dogs he's owned.

He will get up at 2 am tonight to watch Part II of Mannix on

A gibbous moon shown above.

So bright. So cheery. So full of life.

I wove my way up the sidewalk toward my red front door, stood there a while,

as the fireflies swirled all around me, all around me and my silky grey hair

and I thought I felt their soft touch against my beautiful but ancient body.

Goodies Galore from Lynn !

 Sitting and talking in our usual place - the steps on back porch. Now we were saying our Long Goodbyes. 

Now I'll probably finish the dessert Lynn brought from McCaffrey's. A pecan tart. Very tasty and very sweet, like we ate back in Cleveland, at Hough Bakery and New York Bakery. Can't remember what the kosher bakery was called. 

Am drinking what turned out to be ICED DECAF FOLGER'S COFFEE, tho it started out hot.

After Scott joined us, he said that after Mailman Bob retired, his wife Doreen, named after a Mousekateer, left him. We didn't recognize Bob in his laymen close. Once I played a trick on Bob and flashed him.

I was wearing my sexy blue bathing suit underneath, from the days I would swim at LA Fitness.

So it's 3 oclock now. I was watching BONANZA, with no commercials. I think the program has lessons for us. Poor Hoss had to shoot and kill two men who had robbed a stage coach. One of them was little Billy's father, a robber and killer.

LYNN brought me two lovely blouses she had bought but decided she didn't wanna keep.

Gonna make a try at finding something similar.

Mine are pink and multi colored, like a Picasso.

Right now there are about 10 birds on my lawn, pecking and pecking, and eating and eating.

This is from the Internet. 

And we also talked about Mommy's death. Age 97, dead on April 21, 2020.

Lynn's son Miles and his new dog with a long Russian name are ready for action on these long hot summer days.

What's YOUR favorite summertime song?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ate outside on the porch step but facing thother way

 Twas too sunny to sit facing the street, so I ate my bowl full of eggs facing Scott's house.

Cough cough cough. Yes, the black pepper made me cough. I added green Tabasco sauce. 

Try as I mite, I could not catch this lantern fly nymph.

Very hot outside.

While preparing EGGS a song came on.


By Joan Osborne. 

AND do we have a question for God?

Okay, you're so smart, what would YOU ask?

Perhaps we might pray for Christiane Amanpour who has ovarian cancer.

OH, they're coming home from work now and pulling in their drives.

Bill and his TACOMA TRUCK are parked outside his house.

As you know, altho I was vaccinated, it did no good since a had a kidney tplant.


I sure don't.

Mind if I take a little snooze?