Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kidneyversity - 9 Wonderful Years with Sarah's Kidney

A package arrived on my  porch.

What could it be?

Surely not a baby.

From the Demings, it said.

Harry and David from Medford, Oregon.

Known for their delicious fruit.

Scott and I just got back from a walk thru the backyard and beyond.


Down the path they'd go
Off to Upper Moreland High
Sarah went to AFS and Marianne picked
her up in the blue van in the morning

Who else tred here?
An archeological dig would show

Down the path they'd go
Off to Upper Moreland High
Sarah went to AFS and Marianne picked
her up in the morning

Who else tred here?
An archeological dig would show
the Lenape Lenapi who lived in log houses
and planted maize, beans, and were the first
to eat tamales from rough husks.

Washed them down with something akin to beer
The Lenapi are still with us in their marriages.

Kidneyversity - April 1, 2011 - Transplant poem

First, let me wish my grandson Max Atticus Deming a Happy 7th Birthday.

Max, lemme tell you SEVEN WAYS you are great.

Curious !

Tonight on ZOOM we will celebrate his birthday.

How I remember the old days when we would meet at your house and have a blast!

I rarely babysit, but here's a pic I took

From me blog.

On April 1, Sarah donated her left kidney to me in act of supreme love.

Read about it here. Utterly fascinating!!!

Last night, March 31, we lost electricity for 40 minutes.

Scott came over and we went to his house where he fashioned a bright light. If we wanted, we could read. But we simply lay there and talked.

He also turned on his fireplace in the basement and cracked open windows so we wouldn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

My ex-husband's alcoholic father did. So smart but alas alcohol poisoned his system.

Did you hear the timer ring?

My oatmeal is ready.


Wherever I go you would never know
that stitched into the place where my pocket is
is Sarah's kidney. It's adapted as well as spring plants
popping through the ground. On this glorious spring
day I behold the sky where we cannot see GRAVITY
holding us to the ground.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

An unusual breakfast

Removed frozen cornmeal pancakes from freezer, sauteed in butter, and then ate them with Philadelphia cream cheese.

Made about 8 and thought I could stop eating at 6 but I was wrong.



Delicious in Japanese.

Why was I so tired?

Woke up at 2 am and came downstairs to make 2 eggs which I devoured, with Tabby sauce.


Darkness surrounded me
I felt I was onstage in New York
playing a role

Not a word did I say
It was all done in pantomine
Pacing into the living room

Thundrous applause arrived
Silent as the tomb.

Poached eggs.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Lentil Soup by MacDoogles - Poem NO DIAL TONE

Surprisingly not very good. While eating I continued to watch MIRE, a bonafide horror film.

After I ate each bowl, I coughed. Then I gogggled Is it normal to cough after eating soup? As usual, the answer made no sense.

My answer: Yes. 


Is this a horror film
on Turner Classic Movies?

The woman has dark brown hair
and is arising from her bed

She lives alone but hears sounds
on the first floor

Her telephone is on the bedside table
When she lifts it up there is no dial tone

She jiggles it softly, on and off, on and off

Pulling her white nightgown around her
she tiptoes into another room

From there she lets herself fall
to the ground

Her feet ache. Maybe bones are broken.
No matter.

She limps to a neighbor's and knocks on the door.
When they answer, she slithers inside.

"An intruder is in my house," she says.
Please call the police."

Received a very disturbing phone call from Montgomery County telling me not to leave the house or I might be responsible for other people's deaths.

Went to the compost heap after dat, bundled up, and tossed the many splendid things across the garbaggio still sitting there for days.

Why are eggshells from the Happy Eggs a beautiful shade of blue?

Called a couple more people in our group to see how they are doing. Carly,  Charlotta is doing well and just came from the market with a chicken.

Nick, one of our phone greeters, had his phone answered by an aide, since he is ailing. He did not sound good at all.

Ah, here come the dog walkers.

Everyone is in his own world.


Look into my eyes
You have no idea who I am
Or how the course of my life
has gone.

You think you know me,
but you don't know me at all.
Furthermore, there is no reason
no reason at all, to let you in.

Change is good - No Dial Tone on our ND Line

New Directions Support Group used to be incredibly well-attended. We have never been able to figure out why people no longer come in droves the way they used to do.

At the bottom of this email is a photo of our group.

YOU ARE ALL AWESOME INDIVIDUALS and we are proud to host you.

Rem Murphy's sister, who has the virus, is doing very well. HURRAY!

My goals today, March 30, YES, we are goalsetters, right Helen? - are three.

I did the most difficult first as I thought I'd be on the phone for hours.

Called Verizon and asked for them to discontinue our New Directions phone number, 215 659 2366.

Did I feel sad? Yes and No. It would save us money!

Laura helped me. We discussed the V. She lives in NJ and is happy to get out and take her dog for a walk.

Calls will be forwarded to me, Ruth Deming, at 215 659 2142.


I had been in contact with my physical therapist, Margaret Fitzpatrick. Told her I would wake up in excruciating pain.

She told me to put a lumbar pillow beneath my knees.

It worked!

She wrote me that as we get older, our bodies get "cranky" and don't perform the way they used to.

You ain't just whistling Dixie!


"Oh, if I only knew how good things were,"
a commmon complaint. Scheduling folks
to speak at New Directions: Karl Rickels
who fought with the Desert Fox -
Brian Rothkopth, a peer specialist who
promoted that career, and a woman from
University of Pennsylvania who led us
in mindfulness meditation.

I could get it all done. Like Dad, I'm
a hard worker and an organizer too.

Should I put "my dead dad" though he's
never been really gone as he resides
like a shadow deep inside.

The Belle of Cowbell: The Bipolar Therapist from Willow ...
Karl E Rickels, MD

Last night Scott and I watched fantastic
cooking shows. "I'll have what Phil is
having" was hilarious.

I haven't laffed like that in weeks.

Why? The pall that's over this land, this earth.

Scott visited this morning. He had a great night's sleep
and read that General Electric (hello former neighbor
Charlie Savino) and other companies are building
ventilators so people won't die unattended in the halls
of hospitals.

Before I work on the short stories, gonna watch MIRED
on Neflix. Was gonna read a review and then I thought,
Girl, if you like it, keep on watching.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rawhide - How delicious was my first orange in weeks - Poem COMPOST HEAP

 Fab! What was particularly delicious were the sauteed onions.
 Ate this while watching UNORTHODOX on Netflix, recommended by sister Lynn.
 You've seen this before. Collage by Claudia McGill.
Very hard to see. Watched the film RAWHIDE starring Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, and the great villain Jack Elam.

The above scene is of a toddler wandering around free after she escaped from the room where the good guys were locked inside.

Hayward ended the movie by shooting the bad guy in the back.

Finally I chose to eat the orange in my fridge.

OMG! It was soooo flavorful!


Yellow Pitcher and I went out the side door
Which heap should I favor with my food?
The heap behind my backyard shed.
Who lives in there now?
If you know, don't say a word.
In my black clogs, I gave the
slops my best pitch.

Good god, what's the matter with the animals.
Nice fresh orange peels, egg shells, plenty of
onion husks and cornmeal burnt on the other side.

Who will do this if I die of the virus?

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Some of my tips about keeping busy during the V - Poem: My House is Alive

To: Adriane Weinberg
Subject: Great tips, Adriane from Ruth Deming

Adriane told me most people never comment on her tips. 

First thing this morning, I filled my crock pot - which is 8 yrs old -
with ingredients for pea soup.

It's almost ready and smells delicious.

While it was cooking, I walked around my hilly block here in Willow
Grove, PA.

Yesterday I threw out a bag of brown sugar, heavy as a brick.

Checked all my cupboards. Had forgotten about many items such as lovely
wine glasses, but I have no wine now.

A Jiffy cornmeal mix sat on my kitchen table and I used it to make
Polenta, which was fantastic.

Watched two good movies on Netflix, which I slept partially thru. I was
quite tired.

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy was good, boom boom, you're dead.

Most of the actors are still alive, it's good to know.

I enjoy your tips very much, Adriane!

Ruth Z Deming

bloggin on

Was in bed reading The Atlantic for two hours straight. Rem gave me a subscription.

Woke up around 5 am, read my emails. Cynthia sent me a wonderful email about the V.

Despairing yet finally hopeful.

Just finished my omelet. Sauteed in butter one egg and a handful of mushrooms.

Went outdoors in the dark night and attempted to eat it. Too cold out there so I came back in, plus I couldn't find the egg.

When I got out of bed my body was unbelievably stiff.


Lying in bed reading The Atlantic
my house shifts and groans
I picture it rocking,
readying itself, quite impossible,
for an earthquake.

What would I save?

Nothing at all.

I'll rebuild when the time comes,
unless I've gone down with the ruins.