Sunday, December 10, 2017

Poem: After shoveling, hot soup - Our Writers' Group on Saturday - My mobiles


The winter sun melted
much of the ice
on the sidewalk,
and the layers of icing
on our windshields
shades of Sartre's fear
of No Exit.

They're all dead now,
Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir,
Heidegger, and Proust with his
melt-in-your mouth madeleins.

Even my friend David B Kime is dead
cartwheeling up to the heavenly choir.

David, see me waving from my front porch
where I admire the criss cross of pathways
to make sure I get out the morrow

What a film noir we watched on TCM
Breaking Point. John Garfield was
masterful, a gun-toting coffee drinker.

Neighbors drive down the sun-cleared road,
Tomorrow I shall join them, pretending
I'm a rodeo rider raising my Stetson hat
high in the air. Watch me go by!

We're sorry, crock pot people. They were from Uzbekistan and had a thrift shop in Hatboro, but went outa biz.

PURPLE CAMERA is back on duty. I'd forgotten to recharge the batteries.

Here's some leftover pix.

This is where I buy my cameras and have things blown up, make that, enlarged.

Now the guy was helping me buy a new camera as I'd temp lost Purple Camera.

A woman was waiting behind me in line.

The salesperson did not acknowledge her. Never said, Hello, I'll be with you shortly."

After 20 minutes, she walked out. Who can blame her?

Before we shoveled. This is 12-10-17.

 Standing on my front step in my Chinese shoes which have a porous bottom.

Saturday's writers' group.

No way was I gonna drive to B's condo, but neighbor Ken Ivins picked me up and drove, very good, safe driver.

He brought a fab soup he made in his shiny cooker.

Everyone brought something but me as I didn't think I'd go.

Food I ate: crystallized ginger, candied pecans, shortbread cookies, two small hoagies from Marf - ham and turkey - I absolutely stuffed myself. Injected 14 and when I got home my sugar was fine.

Topics we discussed: former boyfriends and girlfriends, premature ejaculators, music we loved, since on WXPN they're playing top 100 tunes of the year. I felt so comfortable I used the F word, which I only do with certain people.

I could not think of the best concert I ever went to at the Keswick. Knew the guy spoke Waloof and was from somewhere in Africa.

Finally found him on my blog.

Youssou N'Dour  Here he is on Wiki. Very distinguished gentleman


Here's my blog post. 

Click here.

Great reading!!!

I also own one of Youssou's CDs.

When Rem and I were guessing who he could be, Rem suggested Hamza el Din.

I also have a CD of the late Hamza el Din from Egypt but who lived in Oakland, CA, for many years.

And of course no CD collection would be complete w/o a CD from the Masai Warriors, who visited the Doylestown Hospital Wellness Center many yrs ago!

Incredible energy.

Since Scott is off today I'm gonna ask him to hang up two of my mobiles.

 Here are two in my living room.
 The above two, which I painted on the back porch, shall assume their rightful position somewhere. Also on the chair are two mags I had my work published in. One is a warrior magazine Proud to Be. I wrote a fab story of a returning vet which they did not take.

They did publish Poem for my Father.

Blood and Thunder has two of my poems, Mom and I Celebrate the Second Day of Rosh Hashonah and Mom and I Play Scrabble.

I keep this darling photo of Sarah and Dan on top of my secretary dans le living. Wonder if they still remember me?

Upstairs I go to ride like the wind on my quarterhorse while reading

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and GoogleRead about it here.  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

First Day of Snow, December 9, 2017 - Two poems: The Wait - What If

Oh, if only my pink camera worked - whatsa matter? run out of batteries? - OR if I could figure out how to download the snow pictures I took on my i Phone. I did try!

In half an hour Ken will pick me up and drive us to our Writers' Group Party. I love to drive in the snow, that is, if someone else drives.

We have two inches of snow outside at about 10 mph, straight down from the white sky.

I am starving, tho I just made some soup in the slo crocket....broth, onions, mushrooms, Japanese fat  noodles plus those teeny rice noodles I've had for at least 7 years.

As I stared at em thru a strainer none of em moved.


In bed, reading about the
Big Four: Amazon, Facebook,
Google and the other one
I forget

I let my ears go outside
to hear if it were coming
down or not

The rule was: no looking
but of course I disobeyed

At five a.m. despite a
big supper, hunger pains
sang out like Hello Dolly

How I fought going downstairs
and making some eggs. In an
old black and white photo
album tucked away somewhere
in the backlots of Mom's house
are photos of Cleveland winters,
mountains of snow, then coming
inside, putting galoshes in
the vestibule by the heater

Hot cocoa for the girls, the steam
hitting our cold cheeks. Would it
be a cliche to say We never thought
about Father Time and the different
people we'd become.

It came down in tiny dots, polka
dots, that were too light-hearted
and merry like a tune on a
toy piano, to fill up the streets
and sidewalks and rooftops and
after a while, hedge us in.

If you see a girl looking out her
front window, c'est moi, waiting,
just waiting, and listening to
Ry Cooder on WXPN..


You were playing
Bach's Unaccompanied
Suite for Cello No. 4 in
your pajamas in
Belle Aire, California

Night was drawing close
your family was sent
for safekeeping from
the raging fires
to Seattle where
they visited
Wild Wave Theme Park

And through your huge
picture window where
your own visage stared
solemnly back at you,
so many things to worry about,
playing Bach correctly
and wondering if your
polka dot pajamas
were flammable

You saw what must be flames
They were wild, rising as
high as the Porsche in the drive
I'm just a simple man, you thought,
In normal times, the fire brigade
would be there in no time.

You decided to go out and greet it,
stumbling outside in your Hush Puppies
the smell of smoke upon you, as you
covered your mouth with both hands
and began the cough of death

Like a lion tamer, you cried, Thus far
and no further. And stared it down
like a yogi or young god.

And, lo, the fire stopped. You began
speaking in tongues and shouting
Karuna Hum: I am compassion.

You went back inside, drank a glass
of cold water, and made yourself
a baloney sandwhich, all for the
love of God.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Photos please - Poem: Say It Isn't So, Mary Ann Moylen

These photos are from Thursday, Dec. 8, 2017.

Everyone looked much better in person.

The Ame!
Donna cut my hair and mom's.

Ellen had gone to Dunkin Donuts for Coffee. It's her fave, which I never knew. I brought a styrofoam cup home - it's not biodegradable - so after I drank it, I chewed the cup myself.

Actually what I did was water my plants with the remaining coffee.

I am sitting here now in the living room, having decided to see CERTAIN WOMEN at the Hunt. Valley Library.

I am feeling sorry for myself - not again! - b/c I have no local girlfriends.

How does one make friends? Tell me if you know. 

A friend sent me a gift of $100 in appreciation of my helping her - thank you thank you! - and I told her I'd buy some 'leggins' at Target.

Mom liked this shirt, which I bought yrs ago at The Sweater Mill in Hatboro. Let's see if it's still open for biz.

Image result for the sweater mill   Tiz! Plus when I called I heard puppies barking as it doubles as a puppy mill.

Not only that, but it's right on the River Floss

Image result for mill on the floss

Lemme tell you something strange.

When I walk, I totter. Is it my sox from The Sox Lady? Or is it my feet.

Hold on, while I do a test.

Not bad. For foot fetishists, click to enlarge.

Wonder if our recent male assaulters - Al Frankel, Charlie Rose, Matt Laurer and the list goes on - were into feet.

Mom sits on a high stool while Donna snips away.

 Donna made Mom a little pony tail. Mom looked FABULOUS.

You look like Pebbles, said Donna.

Yes, Pebbles Flintstone!

Gotta make sure I published the following poem, but lucky for you, Dear Reader, there's more to read below dat! Oy, vey, I can't remember what now!


The fatso's, the skin and bones,
the beer-bellied, the people with
diabetes whose Islets of Langerhans
have lost their way.

All of us jumped aboard
the Ark of Mary Ann Moylen
for help of the hardest sort:
giving up sweets, our beloved
Mounds Bars, Ben and Jerry's,
Pizza with Pepperoni and
Extra Cheese.

This simple lass from Allentown
steered the ship with finesse
while munching on her favorite:
peanut butter crackers downed
with a glass of almond milk.

My hot tears increase the
temperature of the ocean. Milady
will be gone to Allentown. Years ago
I visited there. The Frank Lloyd Wright
Room at the Allentown Museum.

Her clients will now see her in
Trexlertown. Don't laugh, but does
such a town exist? Yes, it's home to
the Trexlertown Cricket Club.

Say not a word, s'ils vous plait,
but I've lined up an interview
to be a bar maid at the cricket club,
my specialties, I said, are cool drinks,
sweet as the summer sun. Margaritas,


Last night, I was up until 2 am, watching Season One of Hawaii-Five-O. The pilot episode - 2 hrs long - was unforgettable!!!

Scott lent me the film, which he bought at Barnes and Noble.

Hawaii Five-O season 1 DVD.png

He should be home now. Will go over when I finish breakfast.

One thing that bothered me about McGarrett is he calls all women, "Love."  As in "May, love, will you get me some coffee."

Do you think he does this with Dano, played by James MacArthur?

Dano, love, mind getting me a cuppa coffee.

Image result for tcm film noir shirt       When I went to Scott's yesterday, he had this TCM shirt draped over a chair.

Guess who it was from!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hello again after all this time - Poem: Eating Meatloaf After Dark

Oh, heck, what do we know about Time anyway.

And then there's the film


Click here and wonder.

Thother day I was ecstatic when my short story MOUSE - about the Pope's trip to Asia - and meeting the Rohingyas - was published on Your One Phone Call.

I did a lotta research for that story.

Went on FB today. But not until I had written a poem.


A bib is mandatory so I
sling on a white kitchen towel
and eat two patties with
thick gravy, leftovers
from the TNT Diner
in Hatboro, PA

Really, though, I eat
with others, slumped over
our food at the counter
of Edward Hopper's
Nighthawk's Diner in the
Windy City

When I pay my tab, less than
$3 plus tip, this is, after all,
in 1942, I clamp on my navy beret
and Northface jacket, stick my
hands in my pockets and wander home.

It's bright and cheerful in here,
my Christmas lights proclaiming
the birth of the Savior, wondering
how some friends of mine are doing,
romping in the fields of heaven,
my brother, our family photographer,
among them, my friend Ron A, who
stuck a gun in his mouth, and Daddy-o
who taught us the phrase,"My pleasure."

Another pizelle for dessert please.
"My pleasure," comes the voice from
the kitchen. Le garcon arrives and
I hold out my paper plate.

Image result for nighthawks edward hopper

Remind me to write a poem about women who were pressed to keep their jobs and acquiesced to being molested to an assorted Good n Plenty box of assholes.

Two days ago Amy and I drove to New Hope to visit Wilshire Hunt, the new home of Jade, Matt and Baby Girl, Kaia Rose.

As I said when I went inside, This is the kind of house where I can read.

That used to be my criteria.

 Our snack was sweet potato chips and hummus, which was yummus!
Half a cup, please, black.

 Playroom above.
 Wedding photo.
If only it had features of a Jacuzzi. The kids thought the same thing. "Expect a check in the mail for 10 grand," I said, "for the jets n bubbles."

 We love to almost crawl at 11 months.
Striking view of empty fields.

 Howdy Chris! Thanks for stopping by.
Chris was in the neighborhood and wanted to show me pix of a family trip to Destin, Florida. He is quite a tall fellow.

Image result for starbucks tall       Yes, hi there, I'll have the TALL dark roast.

Chris and I went next door to Scott's. Two body builders.

Scott showed him the 2017 book

The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. by Tom Brady  

Product Details  

If you have the patience, read this about Tom Brady.

He also showed Chris his basement gym.

We napped to another episode of the original HAWAII FIVE-O.

Book em, Dano!

Image result for hawaii five o