Tuesday, June 15, 2021

THE TOMB - following a FRONTLINE PRESENTATION about Death and Dying, 2015


Just watched a FRONTLINE SPECIAL made in 2015 about DEATH AND DYING.

Atul Gawande MD was the correspondent who interviewed oncologists and other physicians and end of lifers including RNs about how to let patients know they are dying. 

Atul Gawande (born November 5, 1965) is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. He practices general and endocrine surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atul_Gawande

He has written extensively on medicine and public health for The New Yorker and Slate, and is the author of the books Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect ScienceBetter: A Surgeon's Notes on PerformanceThe Checklist Manifesto; and Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.

Patients often don't hear what their doctors are telling them. It is very difficult.

When Dad died in 1980 it was very difficult. Dr. Lutz helped our family. As did visitors who arrived at his bedside.

I wanted to write a poem about it.


They brought Dr Atul Gawande's father home to the small town in India where he grew up.

His mortal remains had been cremated and they brought him to the Ganges River. Millions upon millions

of people had their ashes scattered over this huge and ancient body of water. They hired a boatsman or two

like Hari Srinavasin did several years ago when his father died and we watched in silence.

I felt like a tomb had grown around me - a very tall tomb of no particular color - as I watched the program

on my Red Couch in the darkness, lying down, covered over by Sandy's pink and magenta blanket, savoring,

simply savoring that I cherish experiences like this and that it's okay. Simply okay. And thought of 

Aunt Ethel and Mother and Dad and little Max and little Ruthie. 

Someday, all our turns will come. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Reading my Way Through Last Night

 Last night, wearing comfy jammies, I was reading a lot in bed. First I was in the Reading Room but when 

I got really tired, I moved into my bedroom, where the full LIBRARY of books out was spread like an

aging patchwork quilt across the bed.

Ever feel like you have all the time in the world?

I read the back cover of Patti Slaughter's book PRETTY GIRLS.

You would've thought this was a missing book by John Steinbeck. The book is well, not very good. 

Then I started AGAIN the Lisa Gardner book BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARED. Why?

I wanted to see how a best selling author writes.

The main news on THE NEW YORK TIMES was that the dog WASABI - a Pekinese - won the championship of the 2021 WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW.

I couldn't wait to send it to my fans, but figured it was too late, so I waited until 5:45 am, too early, ya think?

Just finished my delicious breakfast - Purina Dog Chow as mentioned by my dog breeder - no no - that's for LEE, who just walked by with her two furry GRAND WHITE PYRENEES

Take a moment and look at how the dog is proportioned. She has a tail, a handsome face, and her feet or paws curve around just like our feet.

I still have two feet THANK GOD and yes they often hurt me at my age. 

Oh, here comes that talkative blonde around the corner. With her bful German Shepherd and I think that's her BF.

They have lived at the top of Sleighride for ages.

When I woke up this morning I saw the Black Infiniti was back in the driveway.

Bob and Judy were home from San Diego where they attended a wedding of a young couple.

How great it must feel to pull into your own driveway.

I'll have one more bowl of Rice n Beans n Cheese for protein and then watch something exciting on Netflix or YouTube.

Remind me to take all those gdam vitamins!

Just got home from walk around Block - here - in the good ole USA - June 14, 2021 - nuff said

 Poster for Aging Rock Band - hold on while I find the Cast 

The heads of state of the G7 countries pose on a beach for a photo spaced 6' apart. In the front middle, UK PM Boris Johnson holds his hands shoulder-width apart.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Look at the Robins High in the Treetops - Yes, I can see them now

 Was all ready to sit on Scott's bench and read, when I heard this dastardly sound. Standing at the front door, I opened it slightly and saw it was next door neighbor Bill Adams, chopping down some branches.

While I watched, a woman in a long black SUV, turned her head to see what he was doing.

Look, I'm just getting this off my chest and then I'll go read. Made a delicious salad for lunch, tho it was a bit liquidy, the mushrooms perhaps.

And the usual dressing, ketchup, moutard and Hellmann's Mayo, just proclaimed THE FLAVOR OF THE CENTURY, a sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics.

YOU know better than to believe me.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

In my book WHAT I SAW AT THE ZOO - the Cleveland Zoo, that is - I was asked that question.

I chose an ant.


I had a wonderful nap at Scott's this morning while we watched CROSSFIRE. 

What happened? I asked him.

"I won't tell you," he said, "as I can play it On Demand."

Last night watched Tragic Journey on Netflix about a trek from Mexico and nearby lands to the border.

DEATH was on those trails. 


The birds, with puffed out chests, are actually staring at Bill.

And, I after slamming my door bc it would not close, am going up in MY READING ROOM, to read. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

American Girl Dolls - Inca Culture

 It's only a doll, but what a doll she is.

I snatched this doll off the Smithsonian Institute's page. Usually there are few exciting illustrations.

She may be a journalist, I'm not sure.

But for every doll that was made about five years of research went into the making of them. There was a Nez Perce doll - the Trail of Tears - that the native Americans finally gave permission to make.

As a child, I loved my dolls. Madame Alexander was my favorite. But they were snobby looking girls. So you might say I didn't really have a favorite.

But wait a sec. I just remembered STORYBOOK DOLLS.

Shall we take a gander?

I loved those big puffy skirts and blonde hair bc I wasn't a blonde. Oh, later on, I tried being a blonde. Made me look bald. Remember the saying, Blondes have more fun.

So I'm lying in bed, reading and falling asleep.

Shoooot! I thinks. Something is not right.

It's 9 15 pm.

Gotta go downstairs and take my nighttime pills.

Yes, my Tacky, my Pred, my Losartin, and that oval pill whose name reminds me of Jocasta or Joplin.

As I go downstairs I examine Nurse Harriet's Robe I'm wearing.

Tremendously expensive, I can tell. 

The buttons on the cuffs are made of fabric. 

Is it possible to write a true story about this for tomro's writing group?

I've been watching a series of remarkable videos about the Inca and other cultures near Peru.

Find it here


The mystery is How did the stones get there? During earthquakes they shook but then went back in place.

Deer in the Backyard

Whenever I'm at the kitchen window, I look for deer - or the cat Smokey. What will I find? 


 Two young bucks with antlers. 

They look like Dr Doolittle's Pushme - Pullme.

Spent about 3 hours reading in bed. 

A good day to read in bed, don't you think?

Louise Penny's book The Devils are all Here.

A Far Distant Sun by Elaine Neil Orr. A book about Africa and slavery in the 1850s.

NOW if you'll excuse me I'll pop in anudder piece of chocolate AND continue to watch the Netflix film HOW IT ALL ENDS.

VERY suspenseful. 


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Picnic at My House


I am watching and enjoying SWEET TOOTH on Netflix.

Dead to the world, I wear a blue mask for when the Instacart person arrives.

Then Scott bursts inside with loads of plastic bags.

Oh, no! Did they come? I ask.


I've got everything in my crock pot now.

It'll be a vegetable soup. With that Lundberg brown rice.

But where is the protein?

I think they forgot my Cabot Cheese, which I cut up and put in de pot.

Scott said he thought he saw a Cadillac Escalade.

So, if you wanna come for dinner, give yourself a good hour or so, and meet here.

We will eat outside.