Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Distribution of Compass - Poem: Happy Easter - Update from Rem at bottom

Picked up 150 copies this morning.

Everything I did this morning was to hurry up for when the snow came down. It began flurrying about an hour ago. Maybe 3 pm.  I quickly deposited my garbage in the compost heap.

Onions, tangerines, egg shells, bananas.

Mark's Buxmont Stationers is next to the post office.

So I mailed out the Compass to far-away people including Harriet whose photo of the Key Largo Florida marina is on the cover. Also Ada, Judy Kroll, Iris Aronson Fuller.

Ed Quinn is here now. He took the two cartons of Compass out of the trunk.

Wrote a poem about my egg breakfast.


When I was a kid
I'd make my Easter Bonnet
out of a paper plate
festooned with Gramma's buttons
and ribbons of all colors -
red, purple, yellow

Jesus was a rebel -
does he wait for us
when we pass? Or is it
just a sweet sad song?

Easter will hit us
on April 1. I'll go
outside, hear the
woodpeckers and crows,
view the tulips,
iris and crocus
and sip on my
tea as I celebrate
the seventh anniversary
of my kidney transplant.

I keep flowers on my ladder in the kitchen.

Yellow orchid and refresher of yellow forsythia.

Ed collects pens. Write with it, he said, you'll see good it feels.

The pen is a replica of a hunting rifle cartridge.

A German family makes the ink cartridges. This, after all, is a ball point pen.

The outside of the pen is made here in America by a metal artist. His work is rare but he's retired now.

Ed submitted several excellent articles.

Ed and I drove his rented Chrysler to Linda Barrett's house to give her the Compass.

 To start the car you press a button. Is it called a fob?
 Linda sprained her ankle.

 The modern 88-yo woman shovels her driveway. I guess she wears an ID badge to show she's not a recent immigrant.
 Okay, here I go, a-snooping.

Red amaryllis.
 Lovely wreath.
Abigail Hughes and mom Maria.

They picked up some Compass. Abigail, on left, wrote an exellent piece called Alternative Therapies.

"We have hardly any blacks," I said, "I promise to remember your name next time." Mom comes from Antigua and daughter has a slight accent.

They were very disappointed to miss Ed's talk tonight on Neuroplasticity.

Ed had a great idea!

We'll do it at one of our Saturday Giant meetings!!!

One of Linda's hobbies is making pillows with old T-shirts. I use a Pennypack Trust cushion, one of about 12 I have on my bed.

What a delicious dinner I had.

Salmon, onions and capers.

The salmon was frozen. I have loads of frozen foods. Fingers crossed the electricity doesn't go off.

One year the late Tony Garofola delivered it. We went to the Motherhouse of Holy Redeemer Church. They invited us to have lunch with them.

A good reason to become a nun. Good food, no money worries, and you can just pretend you're praying.

When I looked up Tony and me driving I did find this other blog entry here.

I'm always trying to think of a catchy way of ending my blog. Tonight at 7:53 pm, it's Enjoy each and every day. You don't know when you'll keel over dead!

Image result for tombstone  Action News said the storm will stall over Philadelphia, possibly giving us over a foot. ABC News reported that this time Philly will get it worse than NYC or Boston. It will be bad tomorrow afternoon. I have to report to work. I want an exit plan from my boss. This time I might want to walk home from Roslyn.--Rem

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