Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cleveland - Alan - Temple on the Heights

Joyce drives, Donna's in the front seat hanging out the window looking, while I'm in the back w/my camera. Some of these photos may be repeats.

Highlights are:

Get-together w/Alan Schonberg who used to work with my dad at Majestic before going on to create his own recruiting firm, Management Recruiters International, and write two successful books - Headhunters Confidential and 169 Ways to Score Points w/your boss.

When I phoned Alan after I got home from Cleveland, I got his answering machine. My god, I said to myself, this is one happy man! In only 20 seconds or so, his voice made me feel that I was important and this vibrant life-loving man would soon get back to me.

Okay, let's visit Heights Temple again.

This is the former B'nai Jeshurun,Temple on the Heights.Please don't be shocked when I tell you I hated every single minute of Sunday School and services on the High Holy Days. I've always said that Heights Temple traumatized me and I've never set foot in a synagogue since then, except for an occasional bar or bat mitzvah.

A row of antique shops sits across the street. We stopped in the Starbux at the corner and the girls ordered drinks while I got a plastic cup of ice water, my alltime favorite drink.

Now, we're gonna change drivers. Donna and I will go with Cousin Linda and visit the dead relatives. It's been so long all the tears are used up. Let's see who resides at Zion Cemetery.

Next blog post please.

Zion Cemetery


  1. Sounds like you had a good visit and did a lot of connecting the family dots.

    I am not happy to hear about your back flare up. Boy do I know how that feels but hope it goes away (or recedes) soon..very soon.

    So if I still read my Hebrew, your father's name was Tzvi Yaakov? Is that correct? My father was also Tzvi but no middle name. Wow, Alan has endured a lot too. I did not know there was such a thing as late onset TaySachs. How awful.

    And Aunt Selma looks amazing for her age. I also remember hearing about Mark and Linda.

    Wish I had an opportunity to connect once more with my old neighborhood in Bklyn but nobody is left there that I know.

    Feel better and thanks for the glimpse into your trip and the pics.

  2. thanks for your thoughtful comments, iris. i can't read hebrew but my dad's relatives used to call him 'hershey' pronounced hair-shey. i had forgotten about all this until you tweaked my memory just now. wonder how your bklyn neighborhood would look to you now..smaller undoubtedly. you took very good c/o your mother.