Sunday, January 6, 2019

Turner Classic Films provides greatest opportunity ever for insomniacs - Poem: Kiernans' Christmas Tree

Something about sleeping next to Scott and watching a great film noir. Personally, I thought it was an awful film - so complicated you couldnt' understand it. Then Mueller says at the end, Isn't that a hilarious story about how the film was made?

No, Eddie, it was not hilarious. And the man who had the most to do with the film was:

Howard Hawks. Possibly his later-life quirks had to do with the coming of a brain disease. When you read about his life on Wiki, you'll see the many facets of the man. He loved aviation and had many aviator friends who all lived together.

He was willing to experiment on different styles and genres. His wives and lovers were many and he did have children.

Here's a poem I quickly wrote when I sent an email to my support group


Gone the delicious smell of pine
The twinkly tinsel twirling in the dark
The new dog Sydney helping unwrap
the gifts from myriad relatives
and yet their blue house, catty-corner
from mine looks just the same.


Here's a great YouTube video for you to watch. Ending the Silence of Mental Illness is the topic.

Click here.

The more I listen, the more I learn. "Most people begin having symptoms by age 14!"

On Turner Classic Films this morning, Eddie Mueller promised us one of the best films ever. He may always say this.

Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell played lovers. In truth, they were best of friends.

Jane was a a believer in Christianity and quipped to someone, Doesn't mean we can't have big breasts.

Both Mitchum and Russell have departed to the Afterlife.

Both died from smoking too much. Remember those old films when everyone held a cigarette?

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