Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Monday nights I can never fall asleep

Is there any reason for not being able to sleep thru the night?

Was at Scott's where we watched the Eagles beat the Bears thru a fluke. Read here and cringe!!!

That night I attempted to read.

Lead book is The Library Book by Susan Orlean.

But, after promising myself not to watch TV to fall asleep, I watched Madame Butterfly.

View opera here.

Altho this isn't the opera version I watched, you can see the puppet named Trouble with his three puppet handlers.

Spectacular! It's impossible not to cry!

Left home early to get breakfast at Bonnet Lane Diner in Abington. For the first time I wore my new Clark Shoes. Am wearing them now.

As I was telling neighbor Carol, whom I just visited, I ate delicious blueberry waffles with two eggs with pepper on the side.

Am I hungry agayne? Spose so. Will make soup now. Nice n hot soup, but first I'll write a quick poem.


Best to cry while watching sad movies
or televised opera, brought to you by
The Toll Brothers family fortunes.

Hide your eyes when the starving children
with their chicken bone bodies appear
on the Nightly News.

Hide your eyes when the Imposter Presidente
like a cruel Chinese landlord from the Middle Dynasty
holds us all in thrall like dustbin serfs

Hide your eyes in your pillow and sob yourself
to sleep in this world filled with chaos and disorder.

Garcon!  Please help me make my soup.

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