Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Food Stamps now come by using something like a credit card - Access, I think it's called - Poem: What Kind of Soup is this?

Emailed my support group earlier today to mention that due to the Govt Shutdown, Food stamps are no longer sent out.

That is truly horrible. Nothing - or very little to eat!

One of my former boyfriend Simon's sisters - Helen - worked in a soup kitchen.

Am not in touch with them. They were very odd people.

And now OLD people, probly dead.

I remember talking to Ron, Helen's husband and asked him about The Grand Canyon of PA. I think I first heard about it from Ron. Wrote a great poem about him. Have no idea where it is. Possibly in an old issue of The Compass.

He worked at a company that made Push Pins, wooden push pins.

When Simon's brother Eustace - Euey - died, Simon was not mentioned in the obit.

Just looked them up on Simon's obit notice. Click here.

The president of the United States gave a talk starting at 8 pm.

I couldn't bear to watch.


I waited for the perfect day.
It never came so I decided
THIS is the perfect day.

Into a huge pot I poured
a can of coconut milk
that looked like Crisco
from pie crusts of long ago.

Then I added chick peas, also
known as Garbanzo Beans from which
we make hummus. (My friend Ellen
likes hummus.)

Into the pot I clunked in baby carrots
minced garlic, and stirred with a
wooden spoon made in China.

My first taste
was sublime. Simply
scrumptious. It's
resting on the stove
covered over, until
my belly is starving,
but not really.

Here in America
unless you're in
dire poverty, we
don't know the meaning
of the word.

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