Monday, December 31, 2018

Lunch at Mom's on Sunday, December 30, 2018

 Below is the outfit from Chico's that Ada and Rich bought me. Very warm and comfortable.

 Ellen, thanks for taking the picture.

 We bought food from Second Street Bar and Grill... I had Eggs Benedict, comprised of poached eggs on English muffin and a sweet sauce.
 Mom's friend Judy brought over figurines. I chose A Lavender Lady who is on my window sill.
 Over the years, Mom patched up her Royal Daulton figurines with glue.

Here's a lovely desk that Ellen will use.
One wrong move and this entire post will come tumbling down.


Based on the Wallace Stevens poem Thirteen Ways of
Looking at a Blackbird

What's this! My eyes are blinded by the morning glare.
The sun's big as a cheese ball at a New Year's Eve soiree
No one's invited me to.

Visit the man next door who will open with great tenacity
and vigor a glass jar of sauerkraut. The morning glare
is reflected in his hazel eyes and glass door.

Stumble blindly home and give half-assed wave to the
Irishman up the street as he drives by.

Check in dining room mirror to see if I'm changed
in the twinkling of an eye from staring at the sun.

Will I go blind? Or will all go well. I look into Beatriz's
Australian Mate Tea, I've flooded with honey for flavor
and a natural cure for - not pleurisy, nor inflammation
of the bronchial tubes - but a tickle in the back
of my throat.

We cannot throw out the sun but we can water the
philodendron with Australian Mate Tea and the
desiccated orchid beside it.

One last look behooves me.
Icarus is falling, falling.
A huge waxen feather has
fallen in my front yard.

The thirteenth way of
looking at a blackbird.

Had I the facility to take more pictures I'd show you the delicious Tomaterkraut Soup I made this morning.

Martha of our writing group gave me all the ingredients which were waiting for the right moment for me to make them.

Scott opened the sauerkraut jar this morning.


Watched Watership Down on Nflix this morning, or should I say slept thru it.

Excellent, made with the help of BBC. I thought I heard the voice of Mel Brooks, but he didn't show up in the cast.

Next I'm gonna watch The Little Hours, I believe it's called. Tales from the Decameron. At home on Marlindale Road in Cleveland Heights, we had that book. Black cover with marvelous illustrations. Very very sexy.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll think of my next brilliant move.

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