Saturday, December 8, 2018

What's that great smell? Cornbread!

Remember that my oven was just fixed so I am baking again. Takes me forever as I wash everything as I go along.

The aroma of the cooling corn bread is so good that you may see my house levitating or circling the globe like Santa's sleigh.

Last night I want to start my story for Pure Slush. Matt Potter of Australia is covering the Seven Deadly Sins and this time we on Envy.

Don't we usually think of Snow White's Queen?

Yes, this is the picture I'm familiar of.

Several months ago I thought of an idea for a short story and it's based on that idea.

40 more minutes until we can cut open the cornbread.

As I was preparing the recipe I wished I had someone to call. No one. I can't just pick up the phone and talk to someone. I told you I haven't many friends. And I can't dial long distance due to the incompetence of Verizon.

Called Mom when I was done. Really enjoyed talking with her. She turned off the TV in her bedroom and she could hear most of what I was saying.

Aunt Hy liked cornbread, she said.

Then she started railing about Hy's son Ray who just died.

I lived with them a bit when they lived on Clinton Drive in Redwood City, CA. The letters she used to write me, pages and pages, impeccably typed. She was Mr. Atkinson's legal secretary.

Ach! Where do these people go? I'm not going there yet but I tell you - and I told this to the people in the writers' group when we ate today at Bonnet Lane Diner - I got an offer of life insurance - burial insurance - and it made me think, What if I have a stroke and am incapacitated?

That happened to my beautiful Aunt Marion and all her money was siphoned away by some jerk she married.

I wish you could read the ingredients on the cornbread. The label says No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. But when you read the ingredients, it's like reading Greek!

Tomorrow we're having our poetry reading at the Upper Moreland Public Library. I brought it a huge plastic-covered thing of water. Very heavy. Used the automatic doors to get inside.

After the Bonnet Lane meal, I stopped at the library and then couldn't find my way to B's house.


I was on Davisville Road and pulled into a drive, rifled thru the direx I keep in my pocket on the door and FOUND THEM FOUND THEM FOUND THEM!!!!!

Finally, I was there. Walked inside. There was B (looking very pale and weak), Rem, Donna, Bob, Linda and me.

"I got lost," I said.

"We knew you did," said Beatrice.

Listen, I want you to stay with me when my timer goes off and I can taste the corn bread. It's a lovely golden brown, but I have no more butter to put on top. I could use peanut butter but that would ruin the taste.

Finally put my Xmas wreath on my front door. Got it a couple yrs ago either at Produce Junction or Primex in Glenside. It was covered over w a towel in the basement.

Was gonna show you a pic of it but instead

Here's my son Dan before he grew a beard.

Instead of saying I have miles to go before I sleep, I will bid you goodbye - we're down to six readers now - I'll simply say:

Try something new and bold.

Oh! During our writing group, I mentioned the book Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson. Do they read it today?

One of my favorites!

There's a boarding house in Willow Grove, which could be the new Winesburg, Ohio.

This was on the Internet but it could be my cornbread.

If you don't mind, I'll eat it in the kitchen.

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