Thursday, October 11, 2018

What to do on a blah day like today

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And still is. Every day
is a chance to experience
the world anew. The
color of blah has descended
upon our neighborhood.

Shhh!! All sounds have stopped.
Wayne and his infernal buzz saw
putting in a new bathroom
across the street.

All them manly tools
sitting on the front porch.

Cars whoosh by to their
destinations. Decades ago
it would have been a horse
and buggy. Gee-up! Gee-up!

I made a mistake and put
too much cheese in my omelet.
Could barely wolf it down.
If you find me dead of clogged
- pronounced clogg-ed - veins
and arteries, send my mom
a condolence card and
toss me into the Pennypack
Creek and make sure
I don't float to the top.


Scott's got some type of intestinal virus and couldn't keep food down. When I checked him this morning, he is better. Said he knew he was last night bc he kept thinking of food. Every time he has time off from SEPTA something goes wrong.

He did fix my front door which was so warped you couldn't open or close the door. And the bricks on my side door that the chipmunks had dug up.

Why? Just for the fun of it, I suppose.


I was deeply disappointed that none of my submissions for Hektoen were accepted. They were really good.


Michael is a beautiful name. Look how the hurricane is ravishing Florida and soon George. Visiting scholar Scott just told me it's been downgraded to a tropical storm.

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