Friday, October 12, 2018

River Poets special edition of Immigrants just arrived - Poem: The Buddhist in Me

Sent out an email to New Directions about two Americas we barely know.

Trapped: Sex workers, Massage Parlors, and Questionable Cops

Read it here.

The other is The Underbelly of Philadelphia.

Read it here.


As the winds howl and hundreds
of leaves race like marathoners
down the street, then stop...
for rest

I remove the clothes from my
Lady Kenmore and fold them
over my new white drying
rack. Why, I wonder,
does this feel so good?

Is it because I'm seeing
Margaret today? Margaret
at 1 pm?

Everything impinges on
everything else. Yesterday
I retired from Facebook.

Freedom is mine. For as
long as I want it.
How about forever?


Judith Lawrence did a great job with her new book River Poets Journal 2018 Special Edition THE IMMIGRANTS.

As I told her in my thank-you note, I read the entire short story Letter from My Great-Grandmother Bella (total fiction) to Scott and my voice broke, the story was so emotional.

I'll continue writing a poem a day, just not for Facebook.

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