Thursday, October 11, 2018

Broke up today with Facebook

What I'm drinking

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Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee RTD, Mocha, 12 fl oz, 1 bottle

Am eating my dinner now on Red Couch. Remind me that one frozen salmon patty is enuf. Scott said it's called having 'big eyes,' courtesy of his mom.

And the frozen sweet potatoes are delicious.

On Facebook today I was asked to pray for so many people.

I was introduced to many coffee drinkers.

I was told there are still some good people in the world

I knew the time had come to get off for good.

Googled - how to get off Facebook.

What shall I do with all the time I have gained?

Practice my electric keyboard. Why am I so terrified?

Told people to email me or read my blog or the New Directions website.

Here's the last poem I posted on there.


As soon as Scott and I set out the door
the drizzle began. I ran back inside
and shoved on my Storm King Sculpture
Garden cap.

How refreshing the water felt!
When you're an adult you can do
stuff like this, without having
to check with Mom or your Facebook

Catch cold? Catch pneumonia?
Rounding the bend the Kiernan's
cans waited like tin soldiers
on the curb.

I drug em up to their proper places,
servant of the Almighty that I am.


The real reason I got off FB is people do not read what I post.

This is a very important story about the underbelly of Philadelphia, the incredible drug use that takes place under I-95, by Conrail tracks. People wanna get clean but it's impossible. 

Let's pray for them. 

Big Pharma got people addicted to the opioids, claiming they were safe. 

Read story here.

When I was a therapist at Bristol Bensalem I had a client named Joanne who lived in the squalor of Kensington. After the agency closed down - Medicare fraud? - she called me and told me she was dying of cancer. Her greatest accomplishment in life was her daughter Diane, who was doing well. I suggested if she want to make a recording of her voice telling Diane how much she loved her. Diane was about to be married.

Watched some brilliant films on YouTube

ALL PASSION SPENT with Wendy Hiller, based on a novel by Vita Sackville West.

A PASSIONATE AFFAIR 1953 with Glynis Johns. She's still alive at 95. Go Glynis go!

Glynis Johns - still.jpg

Her voice is described as breathy.

She goes missing in the film as she is in love with her college professor who is married to a scheming Gene Tierney.

Anything else, Ruthie?

Scott and I are watching ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL. Got it out the library. Somehow I got mixed up - who me? - and thought it was a collection of film noir, but it weren.'t.

It's about veteraniarians. One of em just stuck his arm up a cow who had a tumor inside and he removed it with his yes bare hands.


The moo-cow thanks you, James Herriot.

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