Sunday, November 12, 2017

Poem: Oh, those swiftly moving sophomores - Got me HP desk top fixed at Staples


At the Giant I parked in the way way back
the bleachers, you might say, pushing my cart
with my dinner inside, the chocolate donut
I mulled over, deciding which was the best
for my condition.

A tall Asian man with headsets on
carried two plastic bags of groceries
swaying in each hand, a modern day
John Wayne, off to his Penn State dorm room
across the way

I labored with each step as I wove
my way through the packed parking lot,
smelling the Whoppers at the Burger King
reminding me of summer BBQs and that my
sophomore days are long gone.


Click here for ANGEL HEALING MUSIC, courtesy of Judy McD.


Scott n I watched Film Noir on TCM - c'mon Ruthie remember the name - I do remember it was the first movie filmed in NYC - it starred Bobby Driscoll as a boy who cried wolf.

Do not goggle Bobby unless you wanna feel sad. 31 when he died. 

Image result for little bobby driscoll

Image result for little bobby driscoll         

Brought my detested HP desk top computer to Staples where Becky F fixed it quite quickly.


 This chocolate frosted doughnut was DEE-LICIOUS!!!

 I dunked it in Earl Grey Tea. A big hunk of doughnut fell inside the cup and sank to the bottom like the Titanic.
 Liz Smith, gossip columnist, died today at age 94. The Times had a 20-minute interview with her when she was a young thing of 85.

Guess what I'm gonna do now?

Fall into bed.

PS - Emailed Freda Rose my latest version of The Human Albatross. Scott liked it and thought it was true. No, I said, it's yet anudder story based on a friend of mine. 

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