Friday, November 10, 2017

Photo of Little Miss Kaia Rose - My First Trip to Costco - Mom got her first hearing aid - Poem: Costco in Warminster, PA

Sister Lynn aka Nana with daughter Jade and little miss Kaia Rose.
Ellen drove us to Costco in Warminster, PA.  I had never been there.

We did some shopping at Costco. I bought a humongous pkg of many rolls of TP. It's still in the car. Also bought salmon burgers, which I don't think they sell at the Giant. 

Chris, above, was Mom's great helper! Endlessly patient, he explained how the aid works. It's the only one with a rechargeable battery. It cost something like $2800.

I asked Chris to take the above pix and email it to me.

While we were driving home I'd say Mom could hear 75 percent of our conversation. I was overjoyed!

We were all starving so we stopped at an Asian restaurant called Wild Ginger and bought an assortment of foods, which we gobbled up when we got home.

Mom has an enormous appetite, as do I.

I injected 14 units and when I got home went on my bike for 25 minutes. My sugar was still very high.

I'll bike again later on.

Watched Washington Week in Review while biking. Robert Costa gave a tribute to Gwen Ifill who died a year ago today.

Very moving.

She had a certain something - charisma and compassion and ability to ask the right questions - that really drew viewers to her.

When I heard she had died, I ran next door to tell Scott.


I suppose I should write a poem about Costco.

Hold on. Ahem. Me-me-me. I have no idea what to write but I'll figure it out.

Hold on! I did write one earlier and posted it on Facebook.


All you sophistokats out there
are familiar with this store
which in Cleveland, Ohio, sells

I have memorized the term
- oh! what is it now? -
Kirkland Signature.

Watch the Four Tops singing it
during Pledge Week!

It's Costco's own brand of
wonderfuls, marvelouses,
King of Kings and I shall
fill my shopping cart
with my necessities.

Mom will be fitted with a
hearing aide. I thought to
buy her an ear trumpet, but
she advised me to wait.

In the car going home, Ellen
at the wheel, Mom in the
passenger seat, me with
a lifetime supply of
Quilted Northern, we shall
see if the hearing aide works.

Any bets?
Bet you a new Toyota Rave!


It's called a big box store.
Like an airport hangar, it's
not much on design - nothing
pretty about it, or memorable,
hard cement floor, a ceiling
as high as the bleachers at
Citizens Stadium.

If you're me, you wanna get out,
escape as if you're in prison.
Imagine if you're being
punished and given a
three-year sentence to live there.

The carts are huuuuge!
The better to fill up with
bulk items like the Charmin
and a bag of frozen Salmon Burgers.

Ellen told me where to find it,
way down at the end, against
the wall. Cartless, I hugged
it toward me like a stuffed
animal for Grace or Max.

I bounced it into the cart.
Traffic lights would be
helpful. People looked
miserable. "Things" are
important, but beauty
is a necessity!

Finally, we were ready to
go. I pushed Mom in her
Costco wheelchair, hoping
I never need one.

The wind whipped into our
clothing, making us shiver.
Safe, at last, in the home of
our car, we marveled at the
store and our marvelous
helper Chris - also known
as Kris, Kris Kringel.

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