Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Poem: Nice to see you Dr Renzi - and yes, he liked it

Says Hazel, "Don't know how you manage to watch, read, exercise, nap, and write so much!"

I also changed my sheets yesterday, an arduous task for Little Me, whipping around those sheets as if they were masts on a sailing ship.

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First room on the left, said Ann,
Walls of maple, a poster for
exercises to help plantar
fasciiatis - a hellsome

The Maestro walks in. My
feet are bare, sitting as if
I've come to buy a pair
of shoes. Dress pumps
for Thanksgiving.

First, the diabetes test.
With an instrument like
a tuning fork, he asks
"Can you feel this?"

I do. Tells me "It's easy
to feel your pulse."

My pink toenail polish
is leftover from a cruise
I took in February. My
nails curve downward like a
Flannery O'Connell peacock 
laughing at us in a tree.

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. The nails are
flaking off. Bouncing around
the room like tiny ping-pong

Driving home across the re-
opened Edgehill Road Bridge,
I remember how easy it was
to feel the pulse in my

I celebrate the only way
I know how. Wanna join
me at a Starbucks cafe?


Two more weeks until our Starbucks Cafe opens at the Giant. You could smell the glorious smell when you got close. I ate in the cafe.


Winter and freezing weather are closing in. How dreary these dead things look!

What! Ruthie baked cookies!

The direx on the Betty Crocker pkg were terrible, so I looked up the recipe on the Internet and proceeded to successfully make these DEE-LICIOUS cookies. 

At the Giant, I accosted a man in red. On the back of their shirts reads "Can I help? Yes I Can."

Dyou know where the BAGGIES are, I said.

Follow me, said he.

As I said, "Baggies," I thought, what a strange word.

Very nice for Bill Wunder to send me his award-winning book Hands Turning the Earth.

Finished my short story Woman in a Straw Hat. Two folks are reading it now.

Going upstairs now to read TERRORIST by John Updike, winner of every major writing prize there is. Sorry, sir, you didn't get the Nobel. But, as Joe E Brown said at the end of the movie, Nobody's perfect.

   Ya know what?  Maybe I should watch other movies with Joe E Brown. What a face!  Mwah!!!

Dyou think anyone will invite me to Thanksgiving Dinner?

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