Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Oh, look! She's written another poem


Come find me!
I sleep under a white
feather comforter,
marred by pink nailpolish
to show which way is "up."

and a quilted bedspread blue
and white like the
clouds strolling across the sky.

My cheeks are as cold
as a KitKat left outside
after Halloween
and I am interrupted
from a terrible dream.

Excited I am to go
outside and feel how
cold it is. You mean,
38 degrees feels like this?
Not bad. Watch! At the
grocery store, men will
appear in shorts and
open-necked shirts

all winter long.


Since it's Garbage Night, I ran outside in the cold several times, depositing things in the bins basking in the darkness.

For dinner, I boiled macaroni and whole wheat linguine in chicken soup with mushrooms, and then, when fini, sprinkled grated cheddar over it plus parm cheese.

Mmmm good.

Very hard to make out. Marcy and mom Gloria sent me cards. The bottom one, from Marcy, is the old Universal movie studios.

Just got off 20 minutes of biking. Great show on about Astronauts.

What shall I snack on?

From my new short story Woman in the Straw Hat, we have

corn dogs, hot roasted peanuts, Hires Root Beer and a selection of beers in cans.

I would LOVE a couple sips of Hires root beer now.

Glug glug glug.

Image result for hires root beer

If I'm still in the mood the morrow, I can go to Burdick's and drink some root beer or even sip on a root beer float.

Image result for burdick's hatboro

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