Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why I missed my birthday party! Mom gets to know Max Atticas

What we're listening to is MOBY GRAPE. I always liked that band, never knowing that Peter Lewis and bandmates had problems with mental illness.

Photo please!

Image result for moby grape   The "mod" look as in The Rockford Files.

What we're eating: Trail mix.

A nice crunch.

Just got home from Scott's - shhhhh! - he's asleep for the night. We watched the black and white film noir THE STRANGER,  directed by Orson Welles.

Rem had lent it to me. How can I say this so you can understand me.

The quality of the film was terrible! Too dark and often inaudible.

The film itself was one of the best noirs and starred Edward G Robinson, Loretta Young and Orson Welles.

Young had inadvertently married Welles, a Nazi. She pronounced it NAH, as in nag, zee. 

It was the first film to use actual footage from the Holocaust. Read about it here.

Just talked to Mom, who had a great visit with the Demings. She said Max lined up all his cars and trains on the carpet in the living room. She really got to know him and said, Now I understand why you always want to see him.

He's really something special she said. I've never seen her so enthusiastic!

In fact, when Sarah and I left his house last night, Max said, I'll be very happy if you see The Moon on the way home.


They were celebrating my 71st b'day today.

I'd originally written PALS for my Thursday Night Writers' Group and gotten important feedback which I incorporated into my newest version.

Just spoke to Beatriz who said they all liked the story.

They all brought food for me.... hummus, which Donna knew I liked, soup from Martha, and Triscuits and cheese, which I happen to eating right now,

Yes, I'll go on the bike later on.

The party is at 2, but I'm late, as I wanted to blog about Ron's funeral.


Walked gingerly to my car, which Sarah and I cleaned off this morning, and I drove very carefullly, using all four gears, and slowly cruised down Cowbell.

I was very proud of myself, even speeding a little down Terwood Road, past the high school, as the road was totally clear.

Shockingly, up by the Dunkin Donuts on Easton Road, I saw the police had blocked off the street I needed to get to.


I did not know any alternative roads to take, so I slunk home, with five copies of PALS in the back seat.

And that's the end of my sad tale.

I wanted to walk Sarah partway to the train station. Earlier we had walked around the block, arm in arm, so we wouldn't slip. And did not. Until......

I got in the house and got ready to walk Sarah to the train.

She had put a pair of my Ugh-like boots - keep em, Sarah, I told her - where I couldn't see em, and I tripped and fell on the living room floor, totally out of control.


So we walked thru the path where the deer come in and the kids, too, who leave their g'dam trash on the path and she forbad me to walk any further, fearing I would slip.

Now she's home in Brooklyn. Sleeping over are her cousin Tyler, his son David, and his wife Kam. Today Kam and David had flown in from Ukraine, where they visited Kam's parents for a whole month.

Now what do I do?

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