Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sarah and Dan back at The Apartments - Poem: Dining with Mr Squirrel

Look at my little cutie pies when we lived in the apartments! Mirror from The Now and Then Shop, where I met the kids' late father.

Red thermos holds cold water to drink when I was on lithium. Who knew back then that Sarah would donate a kidney to me?

This is actually painful to write. Time goes by so quickly. What song is that? Lemme guess. It's by The Outsiders of Cleveland Ohio?

Listen to The Outsiders here on YouTube.

My dining room floor has all the greeting cards put away. I had one of Three Lovely Wolves. Was gonna send it to Bill Hess in Wasilla but thought better of it. Sent it to my sister Donna instead. Here's my post about The Wolf Sanctuary.

Don't we just love wolves?

When my granddaughter Grace Catherine came over a couple of yrs ago I had a Wolf Calendar on the door of the middle room.
"Mean dogs," she said.

After I got off the bike my sugar was a whoppingly low 53.

So, what did I do?

I calmly turned on the audio book, which has taken a turn I do not like.

Then stuffed myself. Now it's up to 181.

I'll go on bike for only 10 minutes then lay in bed and read.

Am looking around the house to see if I have anything left from the apartment.

Where's the red dresser?

Where's the cute little wicker desk I found in the trash that was Sarah's.

I feel I should entertain you, Dear Reader, but how?

Twas about 37 degrees but I ate on the porch step this morning.

A squirrel was nibbling on a pumpkin. He didn't even budge when he saw me.


Almost always, I breakfast alone in the kitchen
Watching out the window for wildlife
lurking in the yard, or, better yet, the hungry
birds downing seeds in Bill Adams' feeder.

What a pleasant surprise when Squirrel
and I sat at front yard table, he dining on
the last of the Halloween pumpkin
me, the last of my omelet.

Has Beatriz Potter written about squirrels?
If so, they needed to move real fast
Get up in the tree so their bushy tails
wouldn't find their way on the back
of a fancy hat.

Image result for squirrel tail hat

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