Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Is there a God? - My work published in Blood and Thunder - Poem: Driving Home in the Dark

Image result for photo of woman in pain   A woman I'll call Angie is in more physical  pain than anyone I know. She writes about it on Facebook.

She was waiting for more surgery at the hospital and the doctor was several hours late. Finally the doctor arrived and removed many cysts from her foot.

God is good, she wrote.

I wrote back "God is GOOD?"

She wrote back Yes. And I 'liked it.'


Am talking to my dear friend Helene now. She lives at Rydal Park, which she's not crazy about. Today she did something so self-affirming she cannot believe it!

Helene is an artist. We met at Art Matters magazine.

A maintenance man named Tony came by and hung up an ink-wash drawing she made a number of years ago.

Twas a reclining nude figure.

Residents are not allowed to hang up pictures themselves.

In the living room, he hung up two framed photographs. She trained at Antonelli Institute.

The reclining nude hangs over her bed and can also be seen in the meer over her dresser.

In my bedroom I have this photo by Helene!


 Here's what I'm drinking.
 Thanks, Rem, for the great Kwanza card, which says:

The Seven Principles:

Unity - Self determination - Collective Work and Responsibility - Cooperative Economics - Purpose - Creativity and Faith
Envelope from Blood and Thunder magazine, which arrived from Oklahoma City where the wind rides wild across the plains. Now I can dispense of the envelope as tonite is Garbage Night!

Did you see my bday card for Marcy?

For garbage day, I pack up all my plastix in this mayo bottle and then put it in the green plastic and glass bin.

 Thanks to the late Ron Abrams for giving me this photo of a tattooed leg.
Another card to Marcy. Tinotype photo from Pennypack Trust.

 Sarah Lynn Deming

Eating scallops together.

Pages within Blood and Thunder. Praps this is No No Prednisone.

Barry Bush emailed me today asking if I could feel my new kidney.

I stood up and Yes, I could feel Sarah's kidney right below the surface. But I am not gonna feel it again.

As Barry said, it makes you feel fragile.

Okay, let's think of something fun now. Like what?

Ada bought me this LOVELY sweater from Chico's. It fits perfectly and is drying now. I didn't wash it but rinsed it off.

I'll defiinitely bring it on the Jazz Cruise Ship in February.

My Xmas Lights. Scott helped me put them up, great guy that he is.

Today I called all the New Directions Phone Greeters and thanked them.

Nick and I talked a long time. He just started playing the piano again. I told him I take singing lessons.

Hmmm, dyou think Ethan will let me sing along on the jazz cruise ship?


After our meeting, I drove
"Mike" home. He was confused
and had no idea where
we were. 

Born in Ireland
he was a lifelong drunk
until he and his drunkard
siblings, all but those whose
livers exploded, had all
gotten sober.

The Christmas lights
flew by, flashing like
fireworks and Vegas

For the fifth time
Mike said, I know
where we are, he was
tall as a basketball
player and I had no
choice but to believe him.

What's the mall doing
on the left? I asked.
We're fine, he said, it's
on the way. He admired the
way I drove, a man whose
license was revoked for
driving drunk. And the
fool laughed about it
at our meeting.

We turned at Inman Terrace.
Only five blocks up, he said.
Counted off the stop signs.
And there in the middle of
the street, he knew which
house was his.

He shook my hand and got
out of the car. Lord God,
Mother Mary and baby Jesus
was I happy. It didn't
matter that I couldn't find
my way home. I relaxed
and listened to my audio
book all the way home.

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