Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Merchant's Wife at Tea - Poem: The Hawk and the Crows

On my to-do list was to write a Holiday Card for Robin, the Community Room Coordinator at the Giant Supermarket. She's a tremendous help in getting us our free rooms for our special events and for our Daytime Meeting of New Directions.

I could not think of a single word to write. Then a thunderbolt hit me and I wrote something good, pasting on this 1918 painting called The Merchant's Wife at Tea by Boris Mihajlovic Kustodiev.

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When I went to the Giant today to pick up my drug paraphernalia I told Adryn my goal for today was to sit down and read.

Finally around 3 pm, I went to Scott's and read myself to sleep on his downstairs couch.

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Later on I read this YA book - young adult -

Image result for projekt 1065   The main character, Michael, is the son of the Irish Ambassador to Germany, and his parents are spies.

Very good. In fact, I just got outa bed for a second - any emails for me? - and will return and read another chapter or two. Nice, short chapters. And, plenty of surprises.

Gotta write a short story today. Jotted down a couple of ideas on a pad on my bedside table.

I wrote something like this:  HAR and me discuss our loves and our losses.

The story - Girlfriends - was nothing like my original idea. 

First order of business, tho, was to write a poem for FB. Took my omelet outside to eat in the freezing cold. This is what I experienced:


Caw Caw Caw
They race about the
sky, six of them,
warriors on the
protecting their

A ferocious hawk
with talons of fire
has tried to eat
crow, feathers and
all, for his afternoon

The battle rages
on high until the
hawk's had enough.
He swoops onward
diving high
diving low

Does he have a
favorite? Do
bluejays taste
different than
sparrows feasting
on bird seed next door?

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