Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the USA - Poem: Fiona - Poem: Squamous

Keratosis on my right leg. On the left leg is one that I picked off.

My dermatologist Dr Lorrie Finelli said it's okay to pick em off tho they'll probly grow back.

They're genetic.

Finelli REMOVED my squamous cell carcinoma. She caught it very early. 

Here's Dr Finelli's website. 

I highly recommend her. She gave me many emoluments that I'll spread on my dry skin.

The office is always mobbed. They're right next door to my nephrologist's office.... Dr Ghantous.

Oh no! Debbie Reynolds, dead at 84, of a stroke. A day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died of a massive heart attack.

View details here.

She gave me some brochures to read.

I was not at all interested in skin cancer the first two times I was there, taking a Who, Me? attitude.

I could not wait to get the little suckers excised from my face.

Here I am now

drinking my

reheated large Wawa coffee - a special blend of Ginger, Molasses, and other spices. A gift from my friend "Tree," short for Teresa.

Just think! Anytime I want - it's about 9 pm now - I can run out and buy anything from Wawa.

It was great to be back at Wawa, burning my hands on the coffee cup, until I found a sleeve. This huge man - broad, stout - stood near me. He had a holster with a revolver in it.

A copper!

Was he gonna admonish me for ordering a pretzel with cream cheese inside?

Mon dieu, was that delicious. Thank you Tree.

Waited till I got in the car on this very windy chilly day before I began munching it.

Then I drove to Moreland Towers to visit my friend Allan on the fifth floor.

There was his beautiful new cat.


Black silky ears
Sexy black body
and cool yellow

She doesn't listen
said her owner
She has the
run of the house

I leaned down
in my blue
recliner and
petted her on
her long black

As I left I
wondered, Does
Fiona come alive
in the night?
Does she become a
vixen like on
the film noirs?

If so, her owner
won't tell. 


Scott and I watched and napped to the last of Rem's film noirs. Edward G Robinson in The Red House.

Image result for the red house movie  Edward G. was a very bad man. Let's call him disturbed. A killer with a cause.

Now I would like to attempt a poem called Squamous. Will go backstage for a few moments while I compose it.


Sounds like a food
the native Americans
would make

Right here in my
back yard
a millennia ago

A mooshy stew with
acorns and deer
inards, delicious
if you're a Lenni-

Let's dig down deep
and see what we find

Grace here's a little
shovel for you, and, Max,
keep us occupied with your
patter about the stars,
the phases of the moon,
your new Hess tractor-
trailer,and the board
games we played last

Meantime, I'll wear
sunscreen 30-plus
apply my Eucerin
on my flaky skin,
not unlike the
baklava Kay
used to make

And call the office
back within ten days
a strange phone number
starting with 706.

On bike I watched a really exciting show Treasures from Egypt.

There are 30,000 objects from King Tut's tomb NO ONE has ever seen before.

Egyptologists were also finding new crypts thousands of years old. Their enthusiasm was contagious.

Terrible photos please:

Dig dig dig

The digging season has come to an end due to the heat. That's when you find the best discoveries.

The pyramids were built to fool looters.

 This new museum will open in 2018. Would you go? The narrator said that Egypt is a safe country.

A person of importance above.

She's an expert on bones. Great personality.

 Colorful sarcophagus of King Tut?

He was buried with two dead fetuses, both girls. Probly died b/c Tut mated with a close relative and the girls were deformed, as he was.

It showed his crooked legs.

Also a marvelous photo of his sandals.... intact! Was on the bike so couldn't take foto.
 Tut was buried with many walking canes, as well as toys. 19 when dead.
Possibly a boat, which taught them a lot about ships.

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