Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thanks to the fabulous Bob and Kim - Poems: Ode to my Washing Machine - Giant: The Town Center

 Thanks to Bob and Kim Ruby for the two lamp chops awaiting me when I got home from Mom's house.
Napped at Scott's as we watched and slept thru another one of Rem's great film noirs. We watched The Second Woman with Robert Young and Betsy Drake. Both were superb actors as she tried to convince the future Marcus Welby that someone was out to kill him.

Just remembered we watched something else last night about a bank robbery gone wrong starring Robert Payne. Very exciting!

Kansas City Confidential.

KCConfidential.jpgOh, remove that teasing photo, will ya? It has nuffin to do wid da film!

Here's my assignment for today. Gotta write a 2000-max true story that changed my life. What dyou think about the first day I did therapy at Bristol-Bensalem Human Services, now an upscale housing devmt with rocking chairs on the front porches?

I can see you contemplating the idea.

Am brewing some Wild Berries Tea, no decaf, which I'd rate a C+

Here's the poem I wrote on FB this morning while my egg omelet was cooling.

Yesterday I wrote one of my fave new ones. 


Hear the merry sounds of the
waters splashing like
Niagara into the

We no longer use
washboards to beat
our husbands' overalls

Or go to the
polluted Ganges
to submerge our
families' clothing
as Brahma the Creator
looks on

In twenty minutes
my clothes will
be cleansed:
black diabetic socks
hankies made from
strips of old pajamas
and a Pennypack Park
Cleanup Day in the
spring, a brilliant
lime green

as my own Creator
laughs from on high.


The day is gloomsville
one of those when you feel
like hunkering down
under the covers
and watching Miranda
Osmonde Erbe
exercise with her

Needing some food
this Jewish mother
with no food in the
fridge, drives off
to the Giant.

In I go, the supermarket
lit up like a million
Hanukkah candles.
I sail past all the
things I cannot consume
Dr Pepper, Fanta soda-pop
a favorite of Jack's,
the shiny new juice
machine offering
OJ today.

There are my people,
angels in disguise.
Debbie the Fishmonger,
Jack the Produce Man,
Bonita the check-out
Where is Tyler the

A day off. Kathy with
the long fingernails,
one painted with Santa,
is replaced today by
Kayla, who pours me
a hot Eggnog Coffee
- new! delicious! -

Mondays' coffees are
only 99 cents all sizes.

Special edition! wails
Time magazine. And there
he is on the front. The
president-elect. I thumb
through and see a color
photo of a beauty pageant.

As kids we would play
Miss America and dress up
in Mom's clothes.

Sipping my coffee as I
leave the store, I look
up to the heavens and
wave a quick thanks.

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