Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ken Follett WHITEOUT on audio in the kitchen - Letter to Ed on Sale of Willow Grove Day Camp

Got three audio books from the libe. Thankfully the first one I'm listening to - Ken Follett's WHITEOUT is very good and easy to understand.

Sometimes these spy thrillers are difficult for me to understand.

Told Scott when he came over to connect my Holiday Lights - the candy canes.

Just ordered the same book for him on  Was having trouble with my order so I called Amazon and a nice man - Mike - from Uruguay - helped me. I gave him a rave review and told him I know someone from Uruguay.

Terry P and her family.

Asked him if he'd ever heard of Rhodesia candy or Tivo and he said no.

I solved the problem about what to do about RHODESIA.

I ate it!

Far less sweeter than American candy.

My sugar's a little high so am gonna go upstairs to ride Copper, a horse that little Sarah rode at Willow Grove Day Camp.

The Intelligencer published my Letter to the Ed about the camp.

Hold on! Gotta make anudder cuppa Pumpkin Spice Coffee that Coach Iris sent me. Really good! And I will not be up all night.

Every letter to the editor was fascinating. This is the Weds, November 30, 2016 issue.


In these turbulent times, let's praise Willow Grove Day Camp, 3400 Davisville Road, which has been sold and will become a YMCA. I worked there one summer for the dynamic "Uncle Howie" (Harold Zeitz). The spirit of training and competition rode large across the vast acres of land, which formerly house the Lichtenstein Family Dairy Restaurant and summer cabins.

Heat-weary families from Philadelphia would take the trolley down to eat kosher food and stay in the cabins.

How I'll miss those cheerful summer days, the colorful cabins, outdoor pools, pistol range and outdoor riding ring. Two years ago I revisited the camp for a wonderful reunion with Uncle Howie and his wife Gloria. He was the same lovable guy I remembered, a former athletic director at an area high school.

As the Bible verse says, "To everything there is a season."

Ruth Z Deming
Willow Grove

Read my post on visiting Uncle Howie here.

Tonite's goal is to clean up the messy floor.  It's filled with Holiday Cards.

As you know, I pay nuffin for my cards, they're all free from nonprofits who hope for a hefty donation.

For this veteran's card, simply snip off the word Veteran and send it as a postcard. I did that for Rem, the postmaster of the Roslyn post office.

Bye now.

My friend Walter Straus used to end his phone calls that way.

Hold on. While biking, I watched Xmas Without China.

Very disturbing. But you know what? No one's gonna give a good goddamn.

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