Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Finally! Reliable lawn mowers - And Shrub Clipper - Two house tours today

 Bill Babb and his son Steve arrived early to cut my lawn yesterday.
 Don't we love all this greenery? There's Steve in the back yard.
Father and son.

Next day, Thursday - today - I buy more flowers at the Hatboro Produce Junction.

Imagine me outside digging in the dirt in the hot morning sun, sweat pouring from my body, even tho I wet my head and body with the garden hose.

Since my blue delphinium is dying, I needed a splash of color in one of my beds. It's called CELOSIA.

Isn't it something! This, btw, is an internet photo. Luv the colorful plumes.

Bought two pots of petunias, one a very soft purple. Nearly white.

Near my burgundy colored Dahlia, I needed more color so I bought a bright pink Petunia.

Gave everybody plenty of water.

Then at around 7 pm we had a thunder and lightening storm. Beautiful beautiful yellow jags of lightening flashing thru the sky.

Heidi King and her son Walter came over today. Walter cut my shrubs for 80 minutes, coming in the house for some homemade peach lemonade.

Peach iced tea: Steep three tea bags. Then transfer into a pitcher of ice and cold water.

Delicious! Scuse me while I get a refill right now.

This is the first iced tea I've ever made!

Heidi is recovering from a torn meniscus. I've been trying to find someone to go with me to the Michener Museum and, like Molly Bloom, she said Yes. Heard a radio interview about a newish bio of James Joyce which you can read about here.

Hadn't realized that Heidi was brought up in a Swedenborgian enclave in Illinois. How can I have forgotten the name of the city? Oh, that's right. Old age.

She has two litters of children. One from her first marriage to Jason, up in Illinois. And the second to her marriage from Greg. Greg must've had a musical gene cuz Walter here plays the cello and his sister Cheyenne plays the violin.

Scuse me for admiring the well-trimmed tree lawn behind mom and son.

Eiko Burkle! Hello! Since Eiko and I were the only two people at the newly formed Willow Writers Group I sent an email saying the group is canceled until further notice. "Enjoy the thunder and lightening," I said to lighten the tone.

But Eiko and I have become friends, so the group was a good thing for the both of us.

Drove Eiko to my house tonite during the thunder n lightening storm.

Gave her the grand tour.

She's hand-writing her memoir in Japanese and works on it every morning for three or four hours. That woman is disciplined!

In August she'll visit her parents and other relatives in Japan. Her folks are 97 and 91.

While on my stationery bike tonite, there were two great shows on PBS, so I had to switch back n forth. One was an investigation of insider trading on Wall Street. One guy, from India, is serving 11 years in prison.

What bothers me, tho, is the way in which he and others were found out. Indiscriminate wiretapping. I'll have to check with Scott and see if that's all right to do.

Thother show was Ghosts of Murdered Kings. In bogs in Ireland, preserved remains were found. the theory is that these men, who suffered extremely violent deaths, were once kings. They were murdered in the same spot they'd been crowned.

OMG, this is so depressing. Quick! Think of something good. Ah! FIREFLIES! You know, their sex drive is so strong they even come out in the rain.

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