Saturday, November 3, 2018

Part Two - Applause Applause as I sat in the audience listening to poets and writers do their thang

When I came inside the library, I followed this fellow.

Steve Delia, I exclaimed, I thought it was you!

Once a month, the Upper Moreland Public Library - UMPL - hosts a writing group called JUST WRITE.

Steve Delia asked the libe if they could have a reading. Great turnout!

Mike Cohen and Connie were at the reading. Here they are with others at a reading The Beehive held at Weinrich's Bakery.

Click here.

Both Mike and Connie read. She read about being a tall girl. Mike read about dying of various ailments.

It is so important that writers read their work.

Marie from my Book Club is part of this group. Her piece was about the school that was there before Home Depot and then The Giant Supermarket. Her point of view was that she was the school but didn't know it until bricks arrived and desks.

Can't remember who was who. One woman sitting next to me, Amber Hill, said she started attending in order to learn to write. Same thing, said Rudy, who sat next to me.

At one point, an 80ish woman got up and read her memoirs. Fascinating! Her name was Alter and I asked if she was related to Linda Lee Alter, founder of the Leeway Foundation.

Linda Lee Alter was born in 1939, so she's 79.

I got a Leeway writing grant in 1998.

Mike Cohen and Steve Delia have a couple of YouTube videos.

Let's watch one here. JUST DO IT !!!

Click here.

Mike Cohen: Life is to stumble about till we die.

Delia: K-Tel presents Steve Delia's Greatest Hits, hits that never made it, you can have all these great poems in one incredible package, the sign of a true artist - obscurity - these are the poems that kept Delia poor.

Marie from my Book Group was also there. She's the one who read about the school house. There's a memoir writing group at the Glenside Library.


Should I go?

I would not call my book Memoirs of a Former Manic Depressive.

New Directions, the group I founded.

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