Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day After the Election - What? Garbage Day already? - The Creature in my Downstairs Bathroom - And to think that I saw it while walking around the block (title from a Dr Seuss poem walking around Mulberry Street)

Just emailed State Rep Tom Murt to congratulate him on his decisive victory over his opponent. You'll be happy to note, I said, that altho I'm a lifelong Democrat, I also voted for Abraham Lincoln, before your time.

We had a very helpful New Directions meeting last night. My friend "Janice" told me, if you don't know someone's name, just say, "Nice to see you," instead of "have you been here before?"

Face recognition. A tough one for me.

I said to one guy, "Did I see you in the parking of the Giant?"


Wrote our group early this morning.

If anyone wants a copy of my 66-page YES I CAN, please email me and I'll send it posthaste.

One woman wanted it. "Erika" also gave me her home address so I could mail her one of my postcards or greeting cards.

Mark Amos of Buxmont Printing printed up 250 for me. Half are left over. Send me your mailing address if you want one.

I missed Mailman Joe - getting your Vitamin D today, eh Joe?" - finally, he said,

but I kept the card in my car just in case.

When I was pulling into the Upper Moreland Library I saw a mail truck and ran after him with the card.

Mail trucks are so important to me.

How can I properly celebrate them.

Speaking of mail, I received a small formal ivory colored envelope addressed to a Jack somebody at my address.

Opening it up, I saw it was a condolence card for the death of his wife.

I wrote the man back and said I've lived here since 1989 and he should look up the correct address.

I had to pick up some important things at Giant. Unsalted peanuts, most importantly.

Was afraid I might be Low, so I ordered some Egg Drop Soup from Helen - the other soups in the soup booth - didn't look none too good.

Sat down and began eating the zoup and began coffing. This often happens to me when I eat soup or other liquidy things like watermelon or strawberries.

So what do I do?

Went up to the Starbucks counter and ordered a chocolate croissant, warmed up, please.

I am so friggin polite.

It was delicious but I hadn't brought my insulin with me.

313 when I got home.

Image result for starbucks chocolate croissant

Was thinking of getting a cheese Danish, but when you've had the best, said Paul Newman, why settle for less.

Image result for paul newman and joanne woodward

Oh no! Look what I just found.

The Untold Story of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Guess what I'll be reading about I finished bloggering.


Big as a black widow spider
It not only hops but glides
into the air like the man
on the flying trapeze

There again this morning, I tried
to vanish it yesterday by leaving the porch door
open a crack, hoping to lure it outside.

Why, ole man, do you stay inside?
Is it the love of  my new electric toothbrush?
Dainty towels Mom gave me when I first moved in?
Or, simply, me, in my blue polka dot pajamas?



First, of course, we check our blood sugar,
so we don't pass out and possibly die
on the corner of Cowbell and Sleighride.

I've got so much more to do before
I vanish forever like steam from a
horse's nostrils.

Swinging my arms, the way Rich Fleisher
did last night when he walked to our
meeting from Jenkintown, I inhaled
the smell of autumn leaves
still sailing randomly from
rows and rows of trees.

Walked over a block of sidewalk
where leaves of every color
every genre, every religious
persuasion had so covered
the cement it was like
a Piaget test on falling
off a cliff.

The men were out! Pouring black asphalt
from a dump truck onto the street.
The smell was heavenly! If you like
the smell of gasoline, of sulphur
from a lighted match, or the way
waning Chanukkah candles smell,
then hurry out here.

I'd gone up a huge hill
Now it was time to go down
Only one way to do it
Run like Aunt Ethel
has come to visit
her Caddy with fins in the drive
though she's been dead
and buried for 45 years.


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