Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finished watching the Frontline Divided America show - Poem for Rem's b'day

What we're listening to: The Creator has a Master Plan.

Pharaoh Sanders on sax , b. in 1940, has been described in rhapsodic tones.
Pharoah Sanders photo.jpg

Wonder if Obama knows of this dude.

The obnoxious female D J said this about the vocalist. Not everyone likes him.

That's disgusting.

This composition featured vocalist Leon Thomas's unique, "umbo weti" yodeling. Hey, let's find a recording of umbo weti.

I'll listen later. Gotta finish my last piece for Halcyon.

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Yes, I watched the last episode of Frontline's Divided States of America.

I must tell you when the show was over, I got up from my bed and said, I feel like killing myself. There seemed no point in living in an atmosphere like the U S A.  Of course I'm fine now, but it was my immediate response, sort of like living in a tyrannical, misanthropic state where everyone hates everyone else. 

Obama was a desperate man. None of his legislation had passed. Republicans were afraid to pass anything, fearing they wouldn't be elected again.

The interviews were great: people had voted against him or for him, laughing now since the issues were well behind them. Gun control, new immigration laws, and the killings of black young men by the police.

It took Obama a whole month to speak up about the killing of Trayvon Martin. A whole month! More young black men were slaughtered by the cops. Zimmerman, a neighborhood "watch dog" was found not guilty of killing Trayvon, "who could've been my own son," said Obama.

What jeers he got for that statement, yeah, wearing preppy clothes. Such cynicism.

Riots ensued when Zimmerman was found not guilty.

Obama gave a pathetic response, citing our constitution and our faith in the system of law.

It was really disgusting. What is the matter with the man!

Finally, his courage came alive when he appeared at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, S C, where a white supremacist was hiding inside, waiting to kill as many people as possible.

Obama realized for the first time that the parishioners and preachers were all stand-ins for killing the first black president.

What is going on in this country?

Obama flew out to the church.

Read about the killer Dylann Roof.  

This 22-year-old racist has no idea what a large diverse country America is, as he probly only hangs out with people like himself. 

Obama boarded his airplane and told friends he was thinking about singing Amazing Grace but couldn't decide.

Image result for obama sings amazing grace      Probably his most significant moment in his presidency. He met today with Trump, who said they had an excellent meeting. Both were cordial.

Since my goal today was to submit to Halcyon mag, I've done two-thirds of it. Pursue the Wonderful Into Spring is a 27-line poem I submitted. Word length must be 30 or less. It was very easy to write.

And I submitted my Leaving Home poem about the mourning doves who left our peach tree

Then the editor asks you to submit a nonfiction piece about creativity or relaxing or a few other things.

Rem, from my writing group wrote me saying it was his b'day. I emailed other people from out writing group asking them to congratulate him.

When I sent him my poem I BCC'd Beatriz, Marf, and Linda.

Rem said about my poem: Touche. Very funny. Eggs sizzling in the pan, this is your mind on R.E.M. Heard "At the Hop" by Danny and the Juniors on the radio today, nice treat, cuz that was number one song when I was born.--Rem


Rem is a strange young feller
but that's why we like him.
He dropped into our lives
like eggs splattering
onto a grill.

What's in a name?

I see him riding over
the plains in cowboy
attire, shiny pointed boots,
plaid shirt and snakeskin
belt holding up his over-
sized Levis. 

In his saddlebags, he's
got some ice and Coca-
Cola. That's his thang.
And we love him for it.

Who's that 'round the
No, cant be, but it is.

Mel Brooks farting and
crooning, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, my man,
R. E. M.

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