Monday, January 30, 2017

Getting Ready for the Carib - But first the Compass - Poems: Ballustrade of Lights and Cool Sheets

Here's a note I sent out to ND members.

Hi everyone,

Next evening meeting of New Directions is Tuesday night, February 7, from 7 until 9:15 pm.

Ada will be your engaging host at Abington Prez Church. Carole and Greg Hodges will lead the Loved Ones' Group.

Next Daytime Meeting is at the Willow Grove Giant Supermarket on Thursday, Feb 9, from 10 am until noon. Helen and Jonathan will be there.

View meeting locations on our website below.

My vacation:  My daughter and kidney donor, Sarah Deming, and her husband Ethan Iverson, pianist with The Bad Plus, gave me a fantastic b'day gift...a Jazz Cruise to the Caribbean.

My son, Dan, will drive me to their apartment in Brooklyn on Thursday and we'll leave from LaGuardia on Friday.

The Compass is ready to email to our graphics designer.

"Rene," I said when I called her this morning.

"Ruth!" she said, recognizing my voice, "I was thinking I'd be hearing from you soon."

Highlights of our many great articles include: The one and only Alex Grinberg on his five favorite movies.

Freda and Bernie Samuels on a meal they often serve company - Salmon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

BTW, did you know you can buy frozen vegetables? I just made a delicious stir-fry for dinner.

Dan Hartman wrote an article on Why You Can't Find a Psychiatrist.

We have excellent first-person profiles, poetry and how to find a good psychotherapist.

Earlier today I watched a repeat of last night's Charlie Rose who interviewed both Warren Buffett - age 86 - And Bill Gates, 61. I liked Bill's outfit.

The notable thing about Buffett is that he doesn't have back to back appointments, but he allows time to think. View it here.

Just posted this poem on FB


Quick! Leave now and
the library will still
be open. Who will be
there behind the counter?
The Angels.
When Life gets you down
When things go wrong
Let their voices cheer you
and give you everlasting peace.

Talk about anything you wish
The Superbowl come Sunday
The influx of Girl Scout Cookies
Your new favorite coffee: Peppermint
The Angels think you're marvelous
as they pop new books n movies
into your new red bag, the color
of rosebuds, getting ready
to shout out loud next spring.


Just rode my bike for 20 minutes while viewing an independent film of a man from Haiti - 103 yrs old - who was visited by his grandson. The old man wants to move to America. He's having a tough time, but, by Jesus, his great love, I think he's done it!


I can do nothing
without music
The Lieutenant Kijé
Suite is on the radio
as I sweep my bed clean

Off go the books
Nothing remarkable
not even Aimee Bender
whose stories grow tiresome

And handkerchiefs made from
fragments of PJs and a
Pennypack Trust Creek
Cleanup shirt, a
dew-drop green. Did I
see a faery ring when
we passed the lily pads?

Crumbs, there are always
crumbs. I shovel peanuts
raisins and pretzels
in my mouth when I
watch my evening shows.

Slow down. Slow down.
What's the rush?
I'm not Mailman Dante
clad today in warm clothes
like a baby carried on his
mother's back.

Once I had a baby named Dan
his knitted cap turned up
by accident. Go away! Go away!
I can't be reminded of the
passage of time.

I sent postcards out today
to his children, Grace and
Max. I shall lie a few
moments on my red couch
and think of
nothing while the
sheets go round and
round in the machine.

Nothing. Nothing.

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