Friday, September 16, 2016

The Peach Tree Yields Fruit! Poem - Scott and the Peach Tree

 Please! That is NOT my hairy arm. I only have hair on my face....tho I am not the woman in I B Singer's story, The Woman with a Beard."

Here's the stone AND part of a baked tater with butter that Scott had for dinner. High in carbs so I usually don't eat.


All I want, he would say, is
a good juicy peach.

And that's just what we got
this very day, the Sixteenth
of September, 2016

He planted the burlap ball
of a baby peach tree, inexpensive
at Home Depot

Covered it with the finest of
soil, dung, if you please, and
tended it daily that first year

The baby peaches, as tiny as
rosebuds, then growing to golf-
balls, followed the arc of
their life cycle, drupe, that
they are

Or stone fruit

One morning, after he checked
Hysteria! Every single peach
was gone. Ett by the squirrels
who laughed in his face.

Hard to believe but it happened
every single year thereafter
though he wrapped the tree with
various coils and wires

This year, he'd had it! Tiny tiny
chicken wire all around. Like the
boy in the dike, he stuck his finger
through. They can't get in, he crowed.

They did not. Tonight we harvested
les peches, and sat in his kitchen,
with sliced peaches on the plate.

They were good. Delicious. Wonderful.
Sweet and juicy with those big stones
all peaches have.

May I have another, I asked.
Another? he said.
Ruth, there's only two.
Two peaches growing on
our tree.

Just got home from Movietime at Scott's.

Watched A Covenant with Death on TCM.

It was a very disjointed and confusing film. Starred George Maharis. I told Scott he'd been on Route 66 with Martin Milner, which was indeed true.

Image result for george maharis
Maharis is now all of 88 years old.

Dig this face. Know who it is?


Edward Albee died today at age 88. Read more and then visit The Zoo or adopt a child  or ponder the eternal verities.This

This blogspot is not cooperating. Was gonnaa say it's a piece of shit but changed my mind.

View this bearded lady here.

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