Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writers Group - Thanks, Fernando for the Spinach Pies!!!! - Poem: The Philodendron

Happily Beatriz was up and about, even making coffee for us. Her wonderful piece Early Spring Pollinators and their Flowers talked about the invasive (non-native plants) dandelions, beloved by many pollinators, not to mention humans who make food and wine from them.

Maple trees offer food to hundreds of pollinators.... there are many different species of bees and wasps.

Linda read three religious poems. Submit them to Calvary Cross, I advised her. She'd already gotten one published.

IN THE HOLLOW OF HIS HAND - and we know who His is - hint: it's not D. Trump's (can't bear to write his name)

Linda, please pray that he's not elected. Merci!

ODE TO MAY - with explosions of dogwood white and pink. Scott's white ones have fallen from the tree.


"I was a thirsty soul wandering in the world's arid wasteland."

Rem kept us laffing with two chapters of his novel. And, yes, Mr. Fleck made a re-appearance. As did something his late wife Valerie did.

Rem has only a couple more chapters to go.  We're gonna pressure him when he's finished, to publish them on either Amazon or in some of these places.

Martha, my dear, read two poems. Amazingly, she has trouble remembering her beloved mother, who's been gone about 11 years.


Your resurrected myrtle tree is gone
Your roses thinning
And spices used up


Maybe he lived and
maybe he didn't
Maybe he died and
maybe he didn't
He could've risen
from the dead or
maybe not.

Martha is a believer!

 In this photo, Allan actually looks like the gnome he talks about in the two chapters he read from his novel. One of his characters wielded an axe at the gnome, who turned it into a tulip. We marvel at the way his novel flows, like the duck pond at B's condo.

Fernando, who had restaurants in California and Austin, surprised us with some hot spinach pies. With the hard-boiled egg stuck in, they're a treat for Easter.

What a presentation!

Tinkerbell! How did you get on my shoulder.

Was surprised to find this blouse in my drawer. From a gift card from Chico's.

Ya know what I do?  I call up companies and tell em to remove me front their mailing list.

This morning while I was preparing breakfast

An omelet with cheese, mushrooms, onions, two eggs, and spinach on top, I thought of an idea for my short story.

I usually eat my b'fast outside. Here I am sitting on the stoop with some fresh rosemary someone gave me on Mother's Day.

I stroll around the grounds looking at every little thing including my most aromatic lilacs, several stalks of which I brought to B's.  Marf took some as they remind her of her mom, Eunice.

THE LIGHT is really something outside. Go out and look.

Martha made this lovely doll in a christening gown. We'll give it to Brandy W, as best emerging poet from our Arts Fest on Mother's Day. Will post it on FB.

Beatriz is downsizing and gave us our choice of lovely paintings. Here are three I chose.

What a talent!

She also gave me some wine as she can't drink it with her new medication.

Just got home from Scott's. Pizza night. Drank it with the last few drops of wine from Chile that Elaine and Allan K gave me for my 70th bday.

My today's Facebook poem, which I posted earlier is called The Philodendron.


In the gentle rain
the philodendron
turns its heart-
shaped green and
white-streaked leaves
toward the sky
soaking up the
rain Water,

which at some point
will be denied by the former
owner of this hearty
plant, far more
healthy than she

"DNR" will be written
on her chart when she
is ready, next week,
I believe.

She knew it was coming
had the best oncologists
in the area, and was poked,
needles stuck into her tender
white flesh that men
had loved, her lifesblood
flowing thru painful tubes

Enough! The pain, the
"let's try one more thing"
the wait for certain death

We've known each other
since our days at
Village Green, all I
can do for her now
is give her the gift
of my presence
to look into her warm
green eyes one more time
and kiss her goodbye.

We will never meet again.

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