Sunday, May 29, 2016

I was composing when......

I got an E from my sister Lynn that she, Jade and Matt would be over Mom's with Tanner's ice cream.

What person w diabetes could resist that?

Methinks this is a baby chickadee. I erroneously call them sparrows but sparrows are larger.

 Delicious pound cake with Tanner's chocolate raspberry ice cream.

Also there's a Lady Lochs, we used to call em when we got em at a bakery in Cleveland. My dad's fave and absolutely luscious, unlike the one above, which was too sweet. 
Brought Mom some flowers.... white rhododendrons from her front yard.

Jade and Matt are headed to a BBQ near where they live in Jersey. They're bringing some of their foraged food and spices.

 When Donna visited thother day, she opened my clothes closet in my messy middle room. Several really nice dresses in there I'd forgotten about.

Before I left for Mom's I slathered sun lotion all over. As I may have told you, my antirejection meds may cause skin cancer.
Nice to speak to Lynn, who is one of my most important Readers before I submit my prose.

What a handsome man was Emmanuel "Mano" Greenwold (changed from Gruenwald) and his wife, Minnie Newman.

Mano died young from pneumonia, but Grandma Green live till about 86. She died when I was living in California. Dad called to tell me. I cried and felt so terrible, esp. b/c she suffered terribly. She had broken her hip or pelvis and her son Marvin was told to 'walk her' around the hospital.

It was incredibly painful.

Am going back to composing now. Ready to read, Lynnie?

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