Friday, May 13, 2016

Part Two - The Whitney Museum - Poem: At the Whitney

The new Whitney. A feeling of spaciousness and light.

Eight floors. Called my mom when I got home and told her a bit about the trip. An art lover, she'd gone to the old Whitney. Told her I might see her today, after the film at the Huntingdon Valley Library - Joy. My friend Judy D in Colorado told me it was terrible. That she wanted to walk out.

Most times you don't.

Would YOU see this film?

First stop, THE RESTAURANT on the eight floor.

 Food preparers behind glass door.
 Hello Harriet. She's also from our Reading Group.
Excellent chicken salad with kale and a nut medley all stuck together. Carrot strips.

Fran's egg salad on Udi bread.

Four women at the next table asked what I was eating. They'd come from Long Island.

 A new installation will be ready today. Looked really exciting, as I peeked inside.
 At the end of every floor are outdoor decks. I photographed traffic below.
 Edward Hopper painted his wife when she was 78. Does she look like 78?

Self-portrait of Edward Hopper. 

I'd say he's one of the most famous American artists.

With the help of the Internet, this huge realistic painting is '61 Pontiac by Robert Bechtle, born in 1932. He's 83 already. Stay healthy, Bob. Exercise and eat healthy foods, like my morning breakfast.

An everything omelet - two eggs, mushroom, onions, zucchini, and spinach on top.

Ate on the front steps where the birds were chattering away. As we know, they were speaking to one another.

 Her name is Duncan but her first name wasn't Isadora, but who else could it be? She's dancing atop the Acropolis. Everything can be found on the Internet.
 How graceful! Dyou think I could buy a dress like that at Impact Thrift?
Fran told me to take this photo of Boxers by George Bellows for my daughter Sarah, who won a Golden Gloves boxing award when she was 28. She "liked" it on Facebook.

Photographs were splendid. Wanted to photograph each one. 

 Paul Robeson, bass singer, played the lead in Emperor Jones by Eugene O'Neill.
Charlie Chaplin in pensive pose.

 Ballet skirt photo looked dimensional.
Ink jet photo of Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House. You can barely make out the house in New Canaan, CT, bc of viewers mirrored in the glass frame.

 Jasper Johns above

Diane Arbus photo of woman in hat with a veil.

Arbus lived from 1923- 1971. Took her own life as she suffered from depression, as did her mother.

 Click to enlarge.... these kids are having fun!

 Photos are taken by American greats such as Gary Winogrand, Robert Frank, and Richard Avedon.

 Dig those hats!
 Ben is one of the security guards. He's from Chad in Central Africa.

I asked him what people do wrong that he must look out for.

They touch the paintings, he said.

I commiserated with him about his aching legs. He bathes them when he goes home.
Another Arbus of a secretary. Look at all the neat shapes, back of her chair, her sunglasses. Where art thou now?

Gotta write a short story for tomro's writing group. Maybe I'll write about her.

 Rich powerful BROWNS show us the power of songwriter Oscar Hammerstein.

 Diane Simon, docent, joined us, and we wandered around with her as she discussed fine points of various paintings.
 Two views of Larry Rivers' mom/law Berdie.
Loved this guy's orange paints and top.

Where dyou suppose he shops?

 Finally made it to the Outdoor Sculpture Garden.
Here's Seth who's visiting from Albuquerque. He met his daughter who just graduated from some place in Boston I think.

They saw the pigeons in the early morning perform in a light show. Watch video here.

 BABY by Diane Arbus.
 Never knew Frank Stella did dis!!!! Black Star, 2014.  Stella is 80 yrs old.
Looking down at the High Line. Here's my post from The High Line. Her correct name is Kendra. I thought I might see her.

 Above woman had great hair.
 Fran had a story about his T-shirt. It's a Picasso nude.
This guy is preparing a show that opens today. He put up his hand to stop me, but I got the picture!

This was the only elevator that had a design on it.

"It's art," said the relaxed driver. He shook my hand when I got off.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the trip.

Today is raining.

 Nice shirt! Checkerboard squares make nice contrast with the halo on his head.

We didn't have time to visit the gift shop. You can go online to order things. I wanted to postcards but couldn't figger out how to order them.


Walk walk walk at Whitney
Tramp over eight floors,
legs whimpering.
Stop! Photos:
a young Charles Chaplin
what do his eyes conceal?

A ballerina atop the Acropolis
James Dean in cowboy hat aslant
before his departure

Paul Robeson in Emperor Jones
ebony face, gold epaulets
stalked by Hoover, paperwork
scrolling like white draperies
in a dark room by Steve McQueen
terrifying in its ridiculousness
that ruled a frightened nation.

Stop: outdoor sculpture garden
towering above the High Line
with its white birches
Frank Stella's
huge black starburst-
pincushion radiating
music - mayhap Telstar?

Ben, black elevator oper-
ator, seated like a hee-yup
wagon driver, relaxed, no
hurry, gliding his "basket"
downward. shakes my hand.

Large woman in billowy white dress
backpack bulging with what inside?
Larry Rivers' mother-in-law, naked
in her bedroom, not one, but two
- Berdie's (her name) - prodigious
bowing breasts, blue veins
everywhere, like back roads

At home my legs throb like
assaults of lightning
as every work, every person
I met today takes up residence
in my interior. We learned
from docent Diane Simon in
Chas. Alston's The Great Migration
that like us, the four figures,
especially Maw, put on a face
for others, a quiet dignity
while inside they/we rage
at life's injustice.

The Whitney.

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