Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On my way to the bank - Poem: Still Life by Beatriz Moisset

With the New Directions loot in my jacket pocket from last nite's meeting, I stopped at the Horsham Giant.

Whoa! It was like a whole new store than MY Giant... Willow Grove.

Quite good! Before I ate, I dipped into my Vita Cream Herring for protein.

Since my sugar was high - God only knows why - 186 - I decided to walk Scott to the train. Now the blood sugar is a respectable 146, but still too high.

Said Scott, I dunno why a smart girl like you can't close the carton full of papers.

Over and under, over and under, he said, while I watched dumbfounded.

We walked with a good clip along Davisville Road, kissed each other g'bye before he descended down the hill to wait for the train.

Then I walked on the other side of the street for a variety of views when I saw a sign that said, FREE.

Here's my cache

If you double-click on Barbie's necklace - it's the pink book on the left - you'll see what I found in the street.


A still life of
two fat mushrooms
arrests my eye

Resting side by
side, they have
no idea that

Within moments
their flesh will be
pierced by a sharp

Will they howl?
Will they cry?
To live, we must
eat and show a
callous eye to

all things delicious
that keep us alive.
Perhaps in another
world staring at
B's still life of

is enough for
our daily

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