Monday, May 16, 2016

We never know what the future holds - Poem: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY

There's a magazine called Kaleidoscope. I got something in it.... Saving the Good Doctor... based on my infectious diseases doc at Einstein hospital.... she is a widow... but I made her become an addict... addicted to pain pills after her husband dies. Of course her name is changed.

The urge is always to email her the story.... but you can't as she may take offense
So I mailed the editors of The Kaleidoscope the selfsame section from our Compass, plus this separate stand-alone mag which was once published by Montgomery County, PA.

The man who did the cover - John Creveling - has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. But what a life he's made for himself. View him here on TV.

He was once a great friend of New Directions. Gotta see if I can find his email address. Used his old address. We'll see if it comes back.

JUST IN! John wrote me back. He's working on a book. 
Talented poet, artist, performer.... Z Great Frank Wolfe. Took his own life.

My beautiful neighborhood.

Cheery windowsill.

Just brought fresh lilacs to Nancy and Linda across the street and Kim, whose husband and 10-yo daughter are in Uganda.

Finally got hooked on the new book for our Reading Group at the library.

Purple Petunias for our guest speaker tomro nite.... Z Great Tracey!!! Scott n I went to her wedding.

 Large deer in back yard munching on mulberry tree.

Lotsa birds sit atop the chickadees nest, scaring them away. Dunno what this is. Cardinals and blue jays have stopped there.

Scott and I saw the play on Sunday afternoon.


It was a long play
seemingly endless
like the misbegotten
lives of Mom and Dad
their three screwed-up
daughters - who wouldn't
be? - with an alcoholic
father and pain-killer
addicted mom, who loved
deceit and dollars
almost as much as
her Percodans, Percosets,
Xanax, Vikodin, Darvon
and more.

As an aside, I've been
on them all. They made
my nose itch.

The play was a stunner
Won the Pulitzer and
Tony’s. Sure, the
acting was superb,
how the audience
laughed and applauded!

But to me, sitting there
in the dark was akin
to sitting in Carnegie Hall
with people shouting at
the orchestra, playing
out of tune, Boo!
Go home! And rising
en masse, they stomped
from the theatre
like stormtroopers.

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