Sunday, May 8, 2016

Second Annual Arts Fest - Great performers

Professional Dance Academy from Willow Grove PA.  Monique Legare' - center - is the owner.

A French-Canadian, Monique met her late husband Morley in NYC where they both studied dance. She and her students have given recitals in many far-flung places, including - for the very first time - on the second floor of the Willow Grove Giant Food Store.

This blogspot was really wacky until Scott came over and put some cardboard over the touchpad.

David Kime, above. He got a Muse Award from Bucks County Community College for his magazine Transcendent Visions for people in recovery.

To the right is Brandy Wasilewski. She read two excellent poems. Martha, from our Writing Group, made an exquisite doll in christening clothes. Brandy will be the proud recipient.
Take it away girls!
Jazz dance. They warmed up in The Thunderbolt Room. They're not used to dancing on a carpet. 

All the rooms are named after "rides" in the former Willow Grove Amusement Park, which, in a thousand years, archeologists will dig up and find remnants of that park and Seven Flags Over Texas, which superseded, unsuccessfully Willow Grove Park.
Linda Barrett reads Ode to Queenie, their late dog.... Ode to Mother... and Ode to Donna.
Rem Murphy reads poetry from his book FEAR OF VISION.  He got along esp well with poet David Kime.

 Randy Kane's photographs.

He likes dilapidated bldgs. 

He narrated the poems and sounded like a learned professor.

He goes to Alaska in February to photograph the Aurora Borealis. He told us how and why they shoot into the sky.

My neighbors Jennifer and Ralph found out about the program from an email from Upper Moreland Township.

Randy went to several national parks in Utah, including Bryce Canyon and Arches.

Cuba! Randy stood at this famous pier and got splashed really hard!

Below is a night shot of a famous square.

Old cars bc of the American embargo. They fix em up and they keep on running. Note the tiny dog. Lots of dogs, said Randy, in the streets.

The boys love Americans, said Randy.

Houses in Cuba are painted bright colors. To cheer them up, ya think, from their dreadful govt and not having jobs?

Frog on a piece of driftwood with blue flower. Right in Randy's own back yard, a park in Ambler.

 Blue herons in flight in a Florida park.
 Florida lighthouse. Randy is now getting into lighthouses on the eastern seaboard.
Lightning is very difficult to photograph. Randy uses a Nikon and a tripod. Ron also uses a Nikon.

 Randy stood in front of the train that was not moving.
 Shelly Quigley brought her hilarious comedy to the audience.
She brought a friend with her, Ron, who was interested in the photos of both Randy and Ron Abrams.

 Ed Lakata played the banjo and harmonica.
 Very talented! "Lakata" is a Czech name.
 He told a story about wanting the same banjos as a kid as the Mummers play. His dad bought him the wrong one - there's four strings and five. So, as an adult he bought the right ones. Rich Fleisher, sitting in the back, also plays the banjo in his retirement years, so they talked shop.

 Ron Abrams as a young man. He went to a Eugene McCarthy rally in Philly and met George McGovern. Years later he met McGovern at George's presidential rally and got him to autograph the photo.
 Ron has two girls - Zoe and Gabriella.

Shhh! Don't wake her up.
What's this? he asked us.

See if you can guess. It IS a photograph.

Give up?

A mural on a building. Philadelphia has a huge mural program.

 Brother and sister in Mexico. Ron won a prize for this.  Randy is also a prizewinner. 
What character! A Navajo Indian, who Ron said is a kind and gentle man.

David Kime brought some friends with him, including Jarod who read from his book.

I asked that he speak louder but he can't. He's healing from a throat cancer operation. 

 Really talented. His work also appears in David's 'zine,' short for magazine.
David gave me a gift of an EYEBALL made from wallpaper paste and wire.

Below are his lizards. He gave me one last year.

David read four of his poems. He's a terrific reader. Altho he spoke softly, he practically shouted out his poems so everyone could hear him.

Shelly strummed her guitar for me while I sang four of my poems. I wrote all of them within two days.

We had much laughter, applause, and admiration for every single one of our artists.

For gifts, I gave them their choice of three Burpee seed packets.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna see if I can watch Wallander online - the Swedish detective - which returned to Masterpiece Theater on Sunday.

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