Saturday, May 7, 2016

Writer's Group at B's house - Poem: The Blue Buddha (it's on the front lawn)

Just came home from Staples where I got a new antivirus called KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY, a Polish firm, said Becky, who installed it.

BTW, there's something very very wrong with the way my laptop is working, since I had the Kaspersky Treatment.

Thanks Fernando for baking your meat pies for us again!

 Am gonna do a very brief wrapup of the group.

 Beatriz' cancer med stopped working so her doctor put her on something she'd used before. She learned how to deal with the side effex.

Her essay Too Much Light concerned all the city lights in America. We can't see the night sky and worst of all, moths are affected. They're drawn to the light in people's windows. They die of exhaustion and lack of food.

Allan read more chapters of his book, with those fascinating names he invents - his characters are trying to escape the curse of the forest. They were threatened by a bear who "grunts, growls and bellows."

Rem continued with his book,which was quite imaginative and funny. Calling himself The King of Useless Knowledge, he has 14 reference books he uses to get his facts correct, which is imperative when you're writing fiction.

Martha read the conclusion of her novel, which was suspenseful and finally very satisfying.

Linda wrote two wonderful poems - Ode to Mother - and Ode to Donna.
My short story David in Love confused some people, so I'll rewrite it. I'm really invested in it.

Photos please!

The coffee smelled delicious.

I had my Twinings Tea, Berries flavor. Very good.

New addition to the Window Sill Family.

Purple azaleas meet purple lilacs.

How do you do?

Nice to meet you as we bloom awhile for Ruthie and then slowly fade away.


The Buddha
protects my house
as it did the
Lambertville home
of poet Elaine
Restifo, who,
unlike me,
could kill nothing
until death walked
in one morning
and stole her away.

The Buddha
shines under the
sun, moon and stars
and withstands small
leaves of grass when
the mowers come
His visage is peaceful
as he stares with open
eyes across the street.

Thou shall make no
graven images, spake
the Jews, my people. A
tablet of The Ten Commandments
would look unsightly on my

Would you think me strange
if you saw a trail of Syrian
refugees marching with
suitcases into my house?
The Buddha smiles.

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