Thursday, June 26, 2014

On the hottest day of the year I visit Helene - Serendipity and the Mailman - A Home of My Own

 Called Helene and was determined to visit her today.

Not a good time, she said. I've gotta get ready for dinner at 4:15.

I'd called her two hours before dinner.

I'm coming anyway, I said.

What could I bring her?

  Bouquet of flowers from my own garden, including the mandevilla. I put it in a plastic Crystal Lite container. Dyou believe I used to drink that all-chemical drink? I could probly spray it on my aphids and kill them.

Photographer that she is, Helene told me to take two shots of her.
Since it was an 88-degree day - and I rarely use my car A/C - I was sweating plus I just walked up 6 flights of stairs to get a good walk in.

The only people who use the stairs are the people that work there and rapists.

 Found this beautiful sundress hanging on a rack in the Laundry Room. My sister Donna had brought lots of close over, thinking she was gonna move in this summer.

We don't know when the buy-out at her condo will happen.
 When I'm home on Cowbell Road, I've gotta wear sox in the house b/c my feet stick to the linoleum floor in the kitchen.

Helene's mind is very good. She thinks she's going senile, but she's not. Did your mom get senile? I asked. No. Did Aaron, her husband get senile? No.

Neither will you, I said.

She participates in a monthly book club and is reading a book by Ann Patchett.

  We discussed it, since I'd also read it. We are not thrilled with the book but finished it anyway.

May I digress?

Sure, Ruthie. It's all about YOU. You never think about anyone other than yourself. Actually, this is what this woman said about me.

This morning I finished our library selection Snow Country. I've memorized the author's last name only: Kawabata. He won the Nobel Prize in 1968.

  Now that I've finished, I can 'cheat' and look up the deeper meanings of the book, which is very mysterious and superbly written.  

Helene had some NY Times Book Reviews she was saving. In the March 2014 issue was a reissuing of works by the great Bernard Malamud.

I'd never seen his pic before.

  Malamud w his typewriter.

Malamud, said the article by Cynthia Ozick, are known as the Jewish Mafia, and include the likes of Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Bernard Malamud, and Ruth Z Deming.

I begged Helene to let me help her. Her cousin Jerry is a big help as is her friend Naomi, both of whom have FT jobs.

She's always complaining about the terrible food, so I told her we'd go out to lunch.

It'll never happen.

As my 19 faithful readers know - yes, the census has gone down - I had Judy and Blanche over yesterday for scallops. So I hied on back to the Giant and asked for two scallops. They cost $3.46. I cooked em in veggies AND fresh herbs from our garden.

I cut the scallops into little pieces. 

Let's just say I was celebrating my half birthday, which occurs on the 25th of June.

So, I'm chasing after the mailman this morning as I have two important letters to mail.

Ken saw me on Division Avenue and waited for me in his truck. As I was trotting home in the car, I saw one of those big landscaping trucks.

I won't hire a big company with lots of people..... way too expensive.

So I rang someone's bell and asked about the truck.

The high school girl knew nothing about it, but said Her brother cuts lawns.

Now my two high school boys disappeared, so I've been wanting to find someone else."

 Stephen A Danastorg, Esq was happy to be photographed. His "Diversified Settlement Services" is located in the old Delhaas High School in Bristol, PA, a quick 20 minutes from his home in Newtown.

What's he doing at mom's house?

Her accountant advised her to get her name off all deeds. She owned some property, including my house and her house.

So how do I feel as the sole owner of my beautiful house?

Happy as a bird.

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