Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everything but the Lobster at the June Fete

 There's ALWAYS problems at the June Fete. Last year the place was so muddy it felt like you were drowning in quicksand.

Carly and I went specifically for the lobster, which the Fete is famous for.

Here is their website. Tell me.... does it say anything about Lobster Not Being Available on Sunday?

I sent them an email this morning, suggesting they show the HOURS on the homepage during the three-day run of Abington hospital's biggest money-making event. Today I included the note about telling us Lobsters are only available on Friday and Saturday.

Both Carly and I  wept crocodile tears when we discovered Lobster is only served on Friday and Saturday, but Never On Sunday.

The sole reason we went!

Did we mind? Hell, no. We had great fun anyway,

My grandson Max and family were there yesterday. I bought him and sister Grace a ring.

Here's a pic of the two rings, beaded on elastic material and made by Mosaix and More.

Here's Scott, who told me 'guys like the black rings.'  A dollar apiece.

Upper Moreland police officer glided by on his "Segway," a name Carly taught me.

 Matt Williams below.
 Carly and I ate inside the Big Tent. She had a chicken sandwich and I had a cheeseburger n fried onions. It had a big piece of gristle in it, like a bone. This is why I never eat burgers except at expensive places.

 This kid is eating cotton candy. It looked so strange I said to Carly, Is that edible?
 Throwing our trash into the WM can. My next-door neighbor works at WM.
Whoo! I wonder how many cheeseburgers this guy ate, He's a wonderful artist. $20 for a color portrait, $10 for B&W. Very long line.

Maria is very talented! She crochets handbags. And makes gorgeous jewelry.

For dessert - and yes, that's me - Carly and I each had a square of Jack n Jill vanilla ice cream. Sure was good!

Dunno what to look at first!

Never had the pleasure of visiting Carly at home.

She lives right across from Sam's Italian market.

 This nice cabinet holds her many appliances.
 Hello Charlie! They have a large TV table, larger than the one I'm typing on now.

Charlie was watching Dirt Racing, is that the right term? The track of the square-looking racing cars - riddled with disgusting ads! - was dirt.

We sat and talked. The Triple Crown, lost by California Chrome. Its owner gave a rant b/c he said the winning horse hadn't participated in the Preakness so he'd be well rested in this race. Man o War and Sectariet were the last winners 37 yrs ago, said the Browns.
Nice roomy bedroom with an Imperial sized bed. Just made that up.
Here's the room, said Carly, where all the magic is done. This is her desk, pretty dark, my flash refuses to go on, and her Dell Laptop. Beyond that is a recess w blankets on it for Tootsie to lie down.
Here's Carly's dad Elmer.
And Charlie's mother.
She bought this smooth-sliding chest of drawers at Impact Thrift. Here are her ribbons to put on presents. If I weren't so exhausted now, I'd tell you about Scott and all the money he spends on gift cards, insteada writing personal notes inside all the nature cards they send him for free.
Tootsie! She likes to be petted but will not sit on your lap. When 2-yo grandson Cooper comes over, Tootsie better hide under the bed!

For Coop's birthday they got him this book with his name filled in. Great idea!

I have a first-cuz named Cooper Begis.

Leaving the Willow Run Apartments. At least, I think that's the name of it. Doubleclick and lemme know.

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