Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I Became a Blond

While driving to Sarah's 40th BD party in Brooklyn, I asked our driver, Angie Cordova, a hair stylist, what color I should dye my hair.

Readers! Whenever you keep company with an expert, ask their advice. You don't necessarily need to do it.

Blond, she said, like Ellen Degeneres.

Yesterday, I visited my friend Helene at Rydal Park. Before I went upstairs to her apt, I bought a cuppa their delicious Decaf

made by Douwe Egbert - how can anyone possibly remember this name?

The human mind remembers things that are DELICIOUS and things that are TERRIBLE.

Since I never remember how to find her apartment once I get inside the complex, I keep direx in my car, which I carried w me. 

We had a nice long visit, some of which was taken up by her complaining about how much she hates Rydal Park.

Told her I was gonna compose a story about it, which I began this morning to bring to my writing group.

Before I left, she told me my red hair did not look very good.

When I leave here, I said, I'm gonna get it colored blond.

And so I did.

Abington, Hair Cuttery

It took nearly three hours b/c Mimi, who consulted with manager Amanda, had to bleach out all the color before applying the blond formula.

Thank goodness I had reading material with me. Helene had given me a month-old copy of the NY Times magazine, which I devoured during the time the dyes were applied and I was under the dryer.

I am happy with it. Here are some blonds who immediately come into my mind:

Carly Brown who goes to the Willow Grove Hair Cuttery and has Dawn do her hair.

Jean Harlow, the first blond bombshell

Marilyn, the most famous blond in the world

Netflix is calling!


  1. I like your hair very much. Very becoming!

  2. thanks, iris! am getting used to the new face in the meer! i also like your hair.... a shade of auburn, i presume