Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Did so much today it feels like an entire week passed today!

Visited Helene at the old age home. "I hate it here" is her constant refrain. Can't say as I blame her. She called the Compass "a work of art" and suggested I apply for a grant from the PA Council of the Humanities or something like that. I did try yrs ago but she advised me to try again. I shall!

I had a cup of their superb Decaf:

Douwe Egbert's, a Dutch Corporation. My daughter, Sarah, and Ethan, are in Amsterdam right now.

Here's what she writes on FB
ethan and i are having a blast in amsterdam. an incredibly generous new friend (who turns out to have my same birthday) is letting us stay in her hip apartment. there is no internet, so we are forced to interact with each other and read actual books. the fruits and vegetables and gouda and brown bread and coffee are amazing. the people are tall and beautiful and speak great english. the danger of being mown down by a bicycle is ever-present. the city gives off a feeling of great age and worldliness.
Let's drink to that!

Windswept hair bc it is cold and windy outside! In three months, we'll all be complaining about the heat.

Helene is responsible for my blond hairdo.
David and Elisabeth sat at the table next to us. They were eating the Wisconsin Cheddar Soup. David complained that he didn't know anyone on his floor in the Brookside Bldg, where Helene lives. I said, if I lived here, I'd make sure everyone knew one another.

If you know me, you'd know how true that is!

Do you know me?

Elisabeth is in the Medical Unit with congestive heart failure. She breathes with the help of an oxygen pump.

These are brilliant people who want to live! She's a former college teacher - art and literature.

David is a retired Presbyterian minister.

If I ran the place, I'd have David give a sermon and Elisabeth share her art work.

Then I went to Mom's house. She invited me to eat something, but I declined. However, I did bring home two foodstuffs:

Can you identity this?

I won't tell you until the end.

Mom said her fave cookies are Oreos.

Too sweet for me, I said.

She used to make a scrumptious dessert with just plain chocolate cookies, can't remember the name, with whipped cream holding them together.

It's good to talk to older people about times past. Tweaks their memory.

We were talking about food. My mom commented on how big a topic food has become. Indeed!

I looked thru the Giant brochure with its great recipes. One was of a poached egg.

I love poached eggs and decided to make one, maybe tonite for dinner.

So Ellen gave me a piece of bread to put it on. I no longer eat bread - not even my own - bc of diabetes.

Tomro morning at 8:30 am I have an appointment with an eminent diabetes doctor. 

He agreed to squeeze me in. I'll probly be awake all nite, fearing not to wake up early enuf.

Can you relate?

Can't wait to feel the CRUNCH of the chocolate in the Mallomar. 

I read the words on the carton... Invented in 1913. Seventy percent of the eaters, I believe, are from the metropolitan NYC area! Not surprising. They're the greatest connoisseurs in the woild!

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