Monday, March 24, 2014

Creekwood Mental Health Center - A psychiatrist is dying - Asgeir - Finished my short story

 My friend "Alicia" goes to Creekwood Mental Health Center for meds and therapy. She sees Diane Custer as her psychiatrist.

We hear excellent things about Custer, who, fortunately is not married to the late General. Time travel, you know. 

My friend "Alicia" said Creekwood will now have two locations. How could I find out what's going on?

Luckily I know someone, who emailed me the following.
Yes, I heard about a month ago.  Abington's Department of Psychiatry has never been the best organized or run, so they have a new administrator.  In my correspondence with them, they are busy splitting up the services to different locations: Northwood's building in Willow Grove, Schilling building, Lansdale and Warminster.  

They also announced (prematurely in many ways) that they are expanding their services to include mental health integration.  This was really a surprise to me, as we are clueless how that is going to be rolled out or what they are actually doing.
 Call me your very own Edward Snowden.

Speaking of psychiatrists - and this is sad news - Louisa L, MD is in hospice at her own home. One of her former patients visited her and told me the sad news.

Louisa had spoken at New Directions many years ago. A brilliant woman, she wrote an article for one of our Compass mags.

I decided to send her a card. Her address is on the Internet. Into the card I stapled a short poem I wrote about her. I do think she'll like it. She'll get it tomro. I used a Jimi Hendrix stamp.

 Love the serrations!

Driving home from the Hatboro post office, some great music came on the radio. Grabbing my thick yellow scratch paper from the pocket of the car - thanks to Mark Amos of Bux-Mont Stationers - I jotted down the name Ox-Gear, as the name of the band.

When I looked it up, there was no such band.

However, on the WXPN website, there it was!

Asgeir, a band from Finland, with a very sweet mellow sound.

Ever heard of them?

Hello Asgeir Trausti. He is 21 years old, born in 1992.

Please dedicate your next song to Ruth and Scott.

I could not wait to finish off my short story "A Fine Notion" so I can submit it and await all the rejections which will flow in.

I have no illusions whatsoever!

My test subject for the story? My sister Lynn in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Lynn, I said, are you busy now? Do you have about 20 minutes?

Sure, she said, and went outside into the bright Florida sunshine.

I read her the entire story - it took 22 minutes - and made a few corrections as I went along.

In the story, I said that Jake, our main character, who has ALS, used to sip Starbucks Coffee through a red straw while driving.

Ruthie, she said, the straws are green.

Good night, Dear Reader. Time to submit.

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