Friday, September 8, 2017

Postcard from Mom - Poems: What a Family - Reflections on Mother Goose

Postcard left over from The Store, which, of course means The Now and Then Shop. Met my husband there. His b'day was on Sept. 6. Dead, you know.

Thank you for helping me turn 95. It was a terrific get-to-gether. Here is to many more. How lucky can I be? Stay well and HAPPY.  Love always, Mom

Perfect opportunity to buy this fab creation at the DQ as my sugar was low.

First, tho, I returned two items at the Giant - too-spicy pasta sauce made by Bruno Bros AND a jar of Krazy Richards pnut butter.

I deviated from my septum, I mean my regular pB, and this one was way too oily.

They take everything back.

I rode my bike for about 40 mins to lower my blood sugar.

Oh! Listen to this! Couldn't find my driving glasses so I was fairly blind - guided only by blinking lights - when I drove to Giant, Library, and then DQ.

I can never find DQ but finally did. Got a takeout, copying the woman in front of me.

We both agreed we wanted DQ before it closed for the season, some time before Halloween.



Each one is worse than the next
Harvey came first
bursting onto the scene
dumping oceans of water
into the once beautiful city
of high buildings and the
abandoned Astrodome

Hot on his heels comes Irma
green with envy as she
stomps all over town
filling every crevice
with mud

Little brother Jose
must keep up with
his siblings
and does. See
the people floating
in rafts? Pets, too.

And it's not even
Hurricane Season!


Gotta write today's poem for FB.

Hold on.

which I'm listening to on an audio book
in the kitchen

Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood
of an Englishman.

The stupid boy sold the family's
moo cow for a handful of

Went to bed and woke up in
the darkness. A huge beanstalk
was blocking his way.

The lad climbed up to the top
and requested breakfast from
the Giant's wife.

There's a tree in my front yard
a favorite stopping place
for the squirrel and woodpecker

Is it my imagination or do I
see a young girl named Ruthie
climbing to the top, disappearing
among the leaves

then climbing down, wiping her
face with a pink cloth napkin
and saying to no one in

Poached eggs on English muffin.
Rivals Johann Sebastian Bach! 

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