Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Biking before the rains came down - Whole Foods - M R I coming up - Poem: Queen of the Wiggly Worms

Scott's on vacation until Sunday. He wanted to go bike-riding today even tho the forecast called for rain.

Let's hurry, I said, as I gobbled down my delicious egg omelet breakfast. I did not inject very much as I didn't wanna go low while riding.

My great fear while riding is dismounting. Sure enough, I had a terrible time. When I stand there, my legs straddled between the pedals, I simply don't know what to do.

One fellow helped me as we neared Lorimer Park.

Just scheduled an MRI for Saturday.

Ran over to Scott's to tell him. He was fast asleep. 

What are people's greatest fears?

New! Removing a dead mouse from a mouse trap, with two plastic bags, and dumping it into the trash bin. We're not getting sentimental here.

Public speaking




Wrote a blog post about what to do when you're in the coffin, I mean, machine.

Image result for mri  Made the appt for this Saturday at 7:15 am.

Ron was very helpful. He lives in Collegeville but told me he was calling from the Blair Mill Center where I'll be this Saturday, my writing day.

Our writing group was chatting online about Do animals go to heaven?

Linda Barrett wrote:

"God only knows who or what is in Heaven. He takes care of all creeping things, sweet and adorable or hideously ugly and vicious."

Ron and I were chatting. I told him that while I was holding on an email arrived that Poem for My Father will be published: They wrote a lovely note:

Dear Ruth Z. Deming,


Your Poetry Poem for My Father has been selected to appear in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 6.

The volume should be out in November, and you will receive a complimentary copy as a contributor. 

We are pleased to include your fine work in our publication. Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,
Southeast Missouri State University Press

Holy cow! There are so many great writers!

After we biked, we drove over to Whole Foods.

 My food report will shock you.

The coffee was terrible.
So was this yogurt, made from Almond Milk.

The salad was quite good. The gem in the middle is a grilled peach with ricotta on top.

One woman at Whole Foods said their prices have come down considerably since Amazon bought it. She's worked there over a dozen years.

My sister Donna, who's leaving for Cleveland on Friday, suggested I work there.

I wrote back, Hmmmm.

I think I'm gonna call my family physician and ask for a tranquilizer during the M R I.

Quick poem:


Up up up
onto my huge blue bike
helmet tied under my chin
right next door
the car wash sizzles with activity.

Rags, suds, tall and short men
wearing tank tops with
muscled arms.

Now the journey begins.
Once railroad tracks
ran through here
dynamited to make us
a trail.

Leaves form a canopy of trees
There's where the bald eagle
was the last time we were here

Now, a small group is stopped.
A snake is coiled on the path.

Later on, at home, I would
save a stranded worm in
my driveway, scooping
him up on a hosta leaf.

Queen of the wiggly worms,
they call me. As Hillel, the famous
rabbi said, Save one worm and
the soil will be fruitful and

Me and winter

Hello Sarah Lynn Deming.

Grabbed this off your blog.

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