Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hello Donna and Ellen - Poem: School Days

 Image result for homes in hurricane harvey Photos of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Here comes the sun shining on our street! About time.

Donna and Ellen just left. Going shopping!

Donna is a savvy shopper. 

They liked my new solar lights I bought at Home Depot.

A couple of em didn't work so I asked Scott to fix em, which he did.

Can you believe I have a boyfriend? I said.

Well, said Donna, the good thing is you both get along.

Last night I went over and watched the last THIRTEEN minutes of Day of the Jackal. Now, where was the assassin hiding in order to kill DeGaulle?

Very clever!

Image result for day of the jackal         Here he is, a wounded veteran with only one leg.

It's a must-see movie.

Edward Fox played the man who had killed thousands, When he was hired, he really impressed them with his resume.

I, too, have a resume. I have never killed anyone except in my short stories.

Image result for day of the jackal film
He was an ace with guns. Here's Cyril Cusack who sold him this fine instrument.

Was pleased Donna wanted to borrow Cynthia's poetry book.

Sent her a card this morning that said


In dreams, in shadows 
she contacts the high heavens
they applaud our Cyn! 


Vanity they name is Ruth Deming. These are my new pants from The Dress Barn. On sale. Very comfy.

I haven't modeled them yet to the outside world.

Drove Donna to Wayne's Automotive to be sure her car's in good condition for her trip to our homeland - Cleveland, Ohio.

It's her high school reunion.

I am so excited that I figured out how to write haiku.

Sunday is the deadline to submit my work to Monique Barry. When you go on her website, it tells you all the people who are on there at the moment.

Surveillance. I don't like that!

A friend of mine on FB mentioned she is depressed.

I opined that you oughtn't do dat. FB, it was recently noted in The New York Review of Books, is the larges surveillance industry on our planet!

Well, you can be sure my sisters and I had a lively disagreement about dat.


Today's FB poem


The little ones
gather at the corner
under the acorn tree

New sneakers, new backpacks
maybe new friendships.

Did he cry inside when
he said goodbye to Mom?

Did she help pack the
peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

A new season, a new year
the cycle of life continues,
as long as you're not
friends with Irma.

Image result for hurricane irma


They asked me why I post poems on FB. Many reasons, but mostly b/c it keeps my mind a-thinking.

Wanna end with a photo.

Hold on.

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