Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oh, hello! Sending out Pumpkin Cards to The Lucky Trifecta - Poem: Drugs

Oh, hello there!

What we're listening to:

Crosby Stills Nash and Young at the Fillmore East in NYC, 1970.

See, I just finished my article for the Intelligencer. I began with a quote from the Stephen Stills' song he wrote for his then-girlfriend, Judy Collins. Suite Judy Blue Eyes.

What could be more beautiful.

With a word limit of 700, I winnowed it down to slightly over 700. I'm working with a new editor, Guy Italian last name.

I sent it over to Ada to review.

With my new Microsoft Program it took me 7 minutes to find the WORD COUNT button. Also the page numbering takes three steps instead of one.

This morning I had the idea of sending PUMPKIN cards to various friends. I made three cards.

Is nothing sacred, Ruthie? Sharing your cards with the thousands of people who read your blog? (Shhh! It's really only 30 people with great minds.)

 First I used Julien's Sunbeam Dryer to dry the orange paint. Then I simply put it in the preheated oven, which I turned off after 30 seconds.
 I typed up a message, blocking it with the ..... you're so smart, you figger it out. That's a line from one of my poems. Oh, that's right. It's in my true short story, Spanish Arches or the alternate name, Norman is that You?
Norman: like a bewhiskered magistrate.

Tera McAmis,
Tera McAmis, M.L.I.S.
Public Services Assistant Director
Upper Moreland Public Library
Tera was our Guest Speaker at ND last night. She's from Oklahoma where they have a wonderful library system and loads of money.
Had lunch at a very exclusive restaurant.
 Scratched in the once-wet sidewalk were the former owners of me house. The Travis Family. Click to see the word TRAV and also, I believe, a heel print.
 I ate a chicken salad platter w sauerkraut, cole slaw, tomaters, etc. They do not make platters but I told Bernadette how to do it. Also after taking a couple bites of the chocolate croissant I returned it for being stale.
Brian Rothkoft and his peer Herb. We chatted away. Brian lives in Bensalem. 

Can you see my eyelids drooping?"

Hey, wise guy. I said drooping, not drooling.

Yes, I continued to watch The Vietnam War. 


Okay, I confess, when I was younger
I tried cocaine. A nice young man
offered me some, but I did a terrible
thing: I sneezed and like talcum powder
it blew all over the back of someone's car.

Now my addictions are few. I haven't driven
to Dairy Queen in over a month, but, hey,
the night is young, and they're open until

Is blogging an addiction? Are watching
Netflix films to procrastinate from
writing a story for the Intell an

Stop worrying, Ruthie. Life is an addiction.
I wanna stay around as long as I can. Let
Metallica play. My back doctor listens to
them while he fixes our backs. 

Scuse me a sec. Wanna find out if Bill Wonder, Vietnam vet, watched the Vietnam show. I'm a little nervous cause he's a published poet but worse, I may not have his email address.

Hold on.

It's spelled Bill Wunder. You know what?  I think the surname Wunder is a thing of beauty.

And, yes, Dear Reader, anything can be a thing of beauty. 

Okay, I sent the email.

And so to bed. Quite warm so I'll train the fan on myself.

Tomro I see Doc Guy Lee. 

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