Friday, September 1, 2017

In the Middle of the Night - Poem: Ode to Meredith - A Movie Followed by Fine Dining at The Beer Garden

 The other night, I chanced upon a group of male ballet dancers from the UK called "Balletboyz."

Image result for balletboyz

Image result for balletboyz

Watch them here.

The comments are quite interesting.

The Internet tells me there are dozens of all male ballet companies.

This particular ballet was about regaining one's humanity after the terrible carnage of World War I...trench war.

Earlier tonite, I went on YT to find a good movie to watch.

The Seven Ups - 1973 - was about an 'elite' New York City police force who were trying to destroy the mob.

Image result for the seven ups imdb

It was horribly violent but I couldn't turn it off.

The young Roy Scheider starred in it. A tough guy. Macho. Wearing a leather jacket.

I called Scott and told him to watch it.

He knew about it and said it's one of his favorite movies. In fact, he's got it on tape.

If you like car chases, this is for you, Jim Rockford, we miss you so! 

Spent many hours submitting 10 items to Loch Raven Review. Tremendously hard submission process.

If I did it correctly, here's what you put at the beginning of every submission:

Subject Line:     LRR submission from your name.
     1.     First and Last Name.
     2.     City, State (or Province, etc.), and Country.
     3.     Email address.
     4.     Very brief description of submitted Work(s) - poetry, short fiction, articles.
     5.     Age statement: "I am 16 years of age or older."
            (Do not submit if you are younger than 16.)
     6.     A brief biographical sketch.

Okay, back upstairs to read The Holocaust or Willa Cather's The Professor's House.


Very few are named Meredith
She, my dental hygienist,
worked me over for the
deep clean while the
clock ticked on

Our deal: Keep talking,
my lady, so as to distract
me from whats-going-on

At the end I asked her
to write down Les Importantes

On a purple post-it
she wrote: Water-pik
(front, vertically) -
can you believe I'd
been doing it all wrong?

Close mouth gently to
access back tooth surfaces
Sonicare electric toothbrush

Cozy Shack pudding at
the Giant.
Oh, yes, they do, she said,

Her boss, the Venneri Gang,
is from a proud line of
dentists I've had since
I was a little girl
seeing Dr Benjamin Bell
back in Cleveland

I'd choose the little ships
as a prize, which sailed
me right up to modern day,
today, in fact, as I ride,
bumpety bump bump
to the free movie
just up the road.



My invisible partner and I
sat in the last row at the
theatre. Wearing my driving
glasses, I kept pinching
myself, saying, These
things really happened, in
A Street Cat Named Bob.

Oh, the kitty was adorable
a big fat cuddlesome nougat
of a cat, here kitty kitty
Look, she's jumped up on
my lap right now and
almost spilt my water!

I rushed from the theatre,
a malodorous farting man
came in at the end, just
like last week. Scott had
told me this is what the
homeless smell like
on the trains.

I drive to the Giant
and ask for a table
for two. The lobster bisque
is superb, I say to the
maitre dee, as are the
three slices of lean
corned beef, dipped in
a little packet of moutarde.

My palate is charmed, delighted,
but not quite satisfied. What shall
I have for dessert, I ask Deej
as the dessert bar.

The chocolate croissant looks
fab, but what about that
"turnover" she calls it.
"Yes, I say, Yes!" and of course
I'll need a cuppa java
to go with it.

Now I'm cooking on all
four burners. The pastry
is divine - filled with
raspberry jam - this is
Weinrich's Bakery we're
talking about - and
my life at that moment
is in harmony with
the universe.

Driving home, I sip on
the coffee, waiting to
return to my book
on The Holocaust. 

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