Thursday, September 14, 2017

Leni Riefenstahl - Poem: It's a Fine Day for a Thursday - Funeral for Cassini Spacecraft as it Plunges into Saturn

 In the children's lit book, l'auteur mentions Leni Riefenstahl's film The Blue Light. He said if she hadn't been associated with the Nazis she'd be considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

She was a very dramatic woman. And very beautiful.  I ate my breakfast while watching her talk about Goebbbels.

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Tom's Toothpaste
Look up recipe for
yellow squash soup
watch kids line up
at bus stop

Wish you still had
one or two at home

Go back upstairs to
read the one about
Grownups - c'est moi -
who read Children's

and also a squirt or two
of the new Holocaust book
and the wordy roundabout
writing of Willa Cather

My friend Frankie used to
read her to his parents
before he dropped from
the sky

Is the noise "thunder"
outside or high-up
aeroplanes where
people drink coffee
in those cute plastic cups.

I'll join you in a minute.


I'll pick up the coffee and doughnuts
at Weinrich's on Easton Road
Should be a nice day so we'll
have the funeral at the park
Masons Mill, with joyful sounds
of children in the distance
As a kid I read Stars for Sam
by Maxwell Reed. He'll be there
in spirit as will Simon and
Millard, planetary watchmen.

20 years in deep space
The Cassini spacecraft
orbited Saturn for the
last 13 years, celebrating
its bar mitzvah while viewing
the 62 moons of Saturn

Hello! Anybody up there?
As for me, I like to dunk
my glazed doughnut into
dark rich coffee which
makes my senses keen
my grief for the final
journey of the "robot spy"
intense, as I wipe away
my tears with a white
hanky with the monogram


Cassini spacecraft story in the Times.

Below is final picture. 

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