Sunday, August 13, 2017

Today's the Arts Fest - One important cancellation, so far - Poems: Getting Ready for our Arts Fest - Without a Trace


Vacuum the living room,
Do back exercises, go outside
to say hello to the black-eyed
susans, listen to audio book
Selected Works of Roald Dahl
read by the author

Red Garland's on the radio
bee bop? Can I remove my
clogs and sail round
the room?

I can. And did.
Leslie Caron I'm not
dancing with Daddy
Long Legs, Fred Astaire.

Clipboard at the ready.
A regular Bob Fosse
Or back at Bristol-
Bensalem calling up
my clients.

Did I tell you the place
is gone? Memories, tho.
Those iris in the backyard
from Wankel's Nursery.

I found the word "surrender"
on the side of my fridge.
Ed gave it to me. I fondled
it with the back of my

I surrender. Whoever will be
there today will be there.


My new favorite series I watch
until I'm goggle-eyed played
itself out this morning as
I returned my library materials

Left notes on the audio book
SHILOH: Two last discs have
so many scratches you can
hardly hear it!

discs are inaudible.

Then, leaving my car
by the door - the library
opens at one - I walked
around the block.

Tottering in my
brown clogs with
turquoise splats
from painting
the hubcaps in my front yard

I walked down Center Ave.
Nice houses with front
porches and chimes that
jangled in the breeze.

"You must remember
where you are," I said
to myself. "You've got
an occasion later today."

Wide-faced Anthony LaPaglia was
assigned to my case. Sarcastic
and vindictive, he joked to
a colleague about all the
Dairy Queen spoons on the
kitchen window sill.

What worries me, though,
is I am still missing.
Hurry, FBI agents, I have
an occasion this afternoon,
12:30 sharp.

I modeled my outfit for Scott, who I heard groaning in his basement. He was lifting weights.

You look very nice, he said.

He'll be there at one pm.

I, meanwhile, must work on my monologue AND I totally forgot to select some poetry!!!

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